A family affair – pt.1


John came in from soccer practice, threw his backpack in the den and went to the kitchen. He saw his mother standing at the sink and, with a large smile, said, “Hey, Mom, what’s shaking?”
Anne didn’t look up, but she smiled nonetheless. It was their own private greeting – one which John had used for years every time he got home from school. “Just my ass,” she replied, giving him the standard retort, “what’s shaking with you?”
As he threw off his shirt, shoes, socks and shorts, John looked at his mother’s naked ass. There wasn’t much there to shake, he thought, except firm muscles. He let his eyes travel up her nude form and admired how nicely she’d kept her figure. Despite two children, a divorce, and countless jobs over the years, she had stayed as fit and trim as long as he could remember. Her 5’5” frame carried her 34C breasts nicely and her hips hadn’t spread nearly as much as other mothers he’d seen; if his father had only known how beautiful she’d stayed, he thought, he might never have run off with that little bimbo from his office. Oh well, his loss. Stripped to his bare skin, John gathered up his clothes and took them to the laundry area. It felt so much better not having anything on, he thought, especially with the fall staying so warm. He went to the refrigerator and perused the contents for a snack.
Anne finally looked over as he scanned the refrigerator. He’d grown up so much in the past couple of years, she thought, so much like his father she had to stop herself from believing he’d returned. Tall, lean – over 6’ and still under 180 pounds – and toned from all the soccer and track he did in high school, Anne admired his naked form and silently thanked whoever it was up there who watched over young kids. She also felt good about her decision to continue her practice of home nudity, even through the divorce and the kids’ years of puberty. Now that John was 16 and Steph was 17, she didn’t need to worry about their awkwardness at discovering other people didn’t walk around naked in their homes all the time. They had come through that period fine. In fact, they had discovered so much about each other over the past few years that they were a tighter group; they watched over each other with a fierce love and loyalty many families never had. In many ways, she thought with a smile, it was even a deeper love than most other families. She felt a twinge in her stomach and a stirring deeper inside her. Much deeper, she thought.
John pulled a chair over from the table and sat down. Anne put down the lettuce she was cleaning, went over to John and sat down on his lap, straddling his thighs, facing him. She lovingly put her arms around his neck and looked deep into his bright blue eyes. “Everything cool at practice?” she asked.
“Everything’s cool,” he replied, automatically wrapping his arms around her trim waist. “Coach wants me to start this weekend at sweep.” He grinned a silly grin at her. “You got something else on your mind?”
Anne kissed his cheek and moved a bit closer. “I was just feeling a bit nostalgic,” she said, putting her head on his shoulder, “that’s all.” Her breasts brushed his firm chest and she sighed. The touch of his skin against her nipples caused them to quickly harden.
John felt the change in his mother and gently massaged her back. “Feel good?” he asked. He heard her murmur, and he rubbed a bit further. Her skin was so smooth. He remembered times when he would sit on her back and massage her all the way up and down her spine. At the time he hadn’t realized why it caused such a stirring in his groin when he did it, but now he knew the reason. Massaging her back like this caused the same stirring his loins, and now he let the feeling grow.
Anne felt John’s cock rise between her spread legs. She felt the head of his cock press against her vaginal opening. She moved slightly back and let him enter her. Shifting further back on him, she let him slide all the way in before she sat up. He was even larger than his father, easily 9” erect and a full four or five inches in girth. His cock filled her so nicely, too, and she began to slowly move back and forth on it. “Yes, sweetheart,” she whispered, “that feels so good.” She lifted her breast to his mouth and he took her hard nipple. His tongue lashed slowly over the sensitive knob as he rose and fell inside her. Just as it had done countless times before, his gentle sucking motion coupled with his deep penetration brought Anne to a quick climax. She stiffened, her back arched into him, her nipples tingled and went rock hard, and she came to a sudden and fulfilling orgasm on her son’s lap.
“I love it when you cum so quickly,” John said quietly, “but now I have to do something about my own needs.” He smiled up at her face. “Any ideas?”
Anne slipped from his lap to her knees. She bent over his wet, throbbing member and took him in her mouth. If there was one thing she enjoyed as much as the feeling of his hard cock buried deep inside her pussy, it was his hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She cradled his heavy balls with her hand and slowly began to suck his rigid tool. The taste of her cum was fresh on him and she licked it off completely, savoring the salty flavor on her tongue. Then she began to pump his long shaft with her hand while she sucked around his swollen head. “Yes, Mom,” he moaned, “yes, just like that. You get me going so fast like that.” She pumped harder, ramming her hand down to his sac and then up to her lips while her tongue swirled around the sensitive rim. “That’s it, that’s it. I’m going to cum. Oh, yes, I’m going to cum!” She dove all the way down, taking nearly all his member in her mouth and sucked as hard as she knew how. As she came back up John jolted, and she was rewarded with a huge load of cum deep in her throat. She stroked him a couple more times and took another load on her tongue. Then she licked him clean while he sat back in the chair.
She had been going down on him ever since he first sprouted pubic hair. That was the year after his father had split and it was tough enough for him without having to battle puberty and sexuality, too. They had always been able to talk about anything; escorts in london from their nudity, to his first fantasy-induced hard-on, to the correct way to masturbate, to what girls liked and didn’t like. She showed him all the operating parts of the female anatomy, explained each one, and demonstrated what a male could, should, and shouldn’t do. John was an apt learner, too. Within a few weeks of their first lessons on cunnilingus, John was able to bring Anne to a huge climax using just his tongue. But, along with the operating knowledge of how it was done, Anne taught him the sensitive side of sex with a woman. She taught him to listen to a woman’s needs and desires, and respect her mercurial feelings, regardless of how worked up he was.
“You are incredible, Mom,” John said, letting his head drop back with a sigh. He had been with other women – okay, girls, mostly, his age and a couple of years older – but his mother knew exactly what to do to get him off better than any other woman he’d ever had. Well, maybe there was one other person who knew his peccadilloes as well as his mother. But his mother still had it.
“Get cut from the team for being a wise-ass?”
John turned his head and stuck his tongue out at his sister coming into the kitchen.
“Don’t stick it out unless you’re going to use it,” she replied with a smile.
“That can be arranged,” he said, lunging at her ass. He was close enough to grab her tender cheeks under her skirt, and he squeezed.
“Promises, promises,” Steph replied, scooting her butt back into his hand. She loved the feel of his strong fingers gripping her ass. If she’d thought fast enough, or undressed before coming into the kitchen, she might have maneuvered his hand right between her thighs.
Instead, John grabbed her thong strap between her cheeks and yanked up on it. Steph gave a short gasp, and then wiggled her hips until the crotch of her panties was riding directly between her pussy lips and pressing on her clit. “Okay, ace,” she said, twisting out of his grasp, “that was a nice thrill.” She laughed and went into the den. She quickly removed her blouse, bra, skirt and panties and went back into the kitchen. “So much for your handle,” she said, thrusting her hips at her brother.
Anne watched the two of them and shook her head. That’s right, she thought, flaunt it, Steph. You’ve got the equipment, now use it. And Anne could see how well developed her daughter’s equipment had become, too; her breasts were easily a full size larger than hers, at least a 36C, and she was in great shape from tennis and track. Her hips were slim, her legs toned and firm, and once Anne had taught her how to trim her pubic hair, Steph kept her bush neatly shaved to a small triangle at the very base of her torso. Anne also knew, from intimate experience, that her lips were totally smooth, too. Yes, she thought, you have the package, and you do know how to use it. “Okay, guys,” she said, “go away and let me finish with the dinner stuff. I’ll call you when it’s ready.”
Steph started upstairs with John right behind her. He playfully smacked her naked butt as they went up. “Shit,” she yelped, “what was that for?”
“General principles,” he replied, swatting her again a bit more nicely. “Besides, you liked it the other day.”
“Sure,” she said, “when you had your cock buried up my ass. It was great then. Now it’s just pain.”
“Well, then, assume the position and I’ll spank you again.”
Steph thought for a moment, then looked at her watch. “We’ve only got about twenty minutes until dinner,” she said. “How about just the dildo instead?”
“Okay,” he replied. He followed her into her room and sat down on the bed. Steph went to her closet, rummaged a moment, and came back out with a 3” thick dildo and a tube of lubricant. She gave it to him and knelt down on the bed on her hands and knees.
John applied a liberal amount of lube to Steph’s tight back door and began to work it around her opening. His fingers moved down between her thighs and slid easily between her labia. He gently massaged and stroked her clit until he heard a low moan from her, and then he went back to her anus. Working around and around, he felt her muscles relax and slipped his finger inside. “Oh, yeah,” Steph murmured, “that’s nice.” He worked in and out of her ass with just the tip of his finger until he thought she was well lubricated. Then he placed the head of the dildo up against her hole and slowly, carefully began to penetrate her. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, “yes, yes, yes. Fuck me with it now.” John began to pump slowly in and out of her ass. With his other hand he stroked her clit and cunt. “That’s it,” she moaned, “get it now. Fuck me harder now.” He began to thrust the dildo harder and harder into her ass. With each stroke he pressed harder and harder on her clit, rubbing and stroking until it was hard as a rock under his fingertips. “Oh, shit, yes,” Steph moaned, “I want to cum so badly. Get me off, John, get me off good!”
“Hey, you two! Dinner’s being served up!”
Steph dropped her head to the bed. “Shit, what lousy timing.”
“I’ve got an idea,” John suddenly said, getting up. He left the room for a moment and then returned carrying something. “Stay just like that,” he told his sister.
Steph felt a smaller version of the dildo slide up her ass, getting thicker as it went in. It was wonderful. “Now, just keep that in during dinner and we’ll finish afterwards.”
Steph put her hand back to her ass and felt the wide base of John’s anal probe protruding from her hole. “Keep it in? During dinner?”
“A buck says you can’t,” he jibed.
“You’re on.” She tightened her muscles as she got up and took a step. The probe moved inside her, causing a momentary rush of heat and liquid in her pussy. “Oh man,” she said, “if this stays in during dinner I’m going to have an orgasm half way through.”
“That’s fine with me,” John teased. “But save something for later.”
The two went back downstairs where Anne was just sitting down. “Glad you could make it,” she said with a smile. “Everything okay?”
John took his seat and spread out his napkin. He looked over at Steph and watched her gingerly sit down Escort in dubai on the hard wooden chair. She gasped slightly as her butt settled in. “Fine,” Steph said, smiling at John, “just lovely.” Deep inside her anus the plug shifted as she moved sending a small wave of heat right through her ass to her pussy. This was going to be tough, she thought.
They chatted about school and extra-curricular activities during the meal and Steph found that even when she didn’t move, the plug brought her closer and closer to climax. By the end of the meal it was everything she could do to keep her hand away from her pussy. She wanted to stroke her clit and shift around in her chair to let the plug press her G-spot. She had mental flashes of a hard, thick cock driving up her back door, of tongues lapping at her cunt and clit, and of her mother reaming her pussy with a dildo – where did that one come from, she wondered. She looked over at her mother, talking to John. Yes, she’d been intimate with her, many times. Yes, she loved feeling her mother’s touch on her sensitive areas, gentle and intense at the same time. But, now? At the dinner table? She could almost feel her mother’s tongue pressed between her pussy lips, her fingers driving in and out of her cunt. She could almost taste her mother’s sweet juices in her mouth as they cradled together in a tight 69, their fingers probing and pushing and thrusting into each other as they pumped and sucked and licked each other into wonderful waves of –
“Steph? Are you feeling okay?”
Steph realized her eyes were closed. “Um, yes,” she stammered to her mother, “I’m fine.”
Anne looked at her slightly flushed face and noticed her hand down between her thighs. “You look almost like you’re going to go into convulsions,” she said, “or – something.”
Steph couldn’t take it any longer. She sat back in the chair and felt the plug press hard against her inner wall sending a wave of warm delight right through her pussy. “I’m going to cum,” she whispered, “I’ve got to let go.” She pressed her index finger down against her hard, erect clit and basked in the wonderfully erotic feeling.
Anne took notice of the anal plug in Steph’s ass, shot a stern look over at John – who, at the moment, was trying hard not to laugh – and then got up. “I see,” she said, “but, in the future, this is neither the time nor place for this.” She got up from her chair and knelt down between Steph’s thighs. “Okay, let’s get this done.” She spread her daughter’s thighs wide apart and moved her dripping wet fingers aside. “My God,” she exclaimed, “you are so wet. This should only take a second.” Then she stuck out her tongue and slowly began to lick Steph’s protruding clit. She slipped two fingers up into her drenched pussy and began to finger-fuck her. It only took a few strokes before Steph tightened around her fingers, arched her back, and climaxed. Wave after wave of wonderful orgasm swept through Steph’s electrified body. She came, and then came again under her mother’s ministrations. And then she sat back, letting the anal plug slowly slip out.
Anne sat back on her calves and shook her head. “Alright,” she said, “let’s talk.” She got back into her chair and looked at both her children. But, then again, they were hardly children anymore. They were young adults, with adult feelings and needs and thoughts. She never denied them their sexual needs, but she felt it was time to talk about societal pressures. “I really like the fact that you two can be so uninhibited with and around each other,” she began, “and I think it’s a wonderful thing that you’re able to express your needs and your sibling is there to help make it happen.”
“But,” John interrupted.
“Yes,” Anne continued, “but. You need to be in control of your passions. You need to be in control of your desires. I have no quarrel with a butt plug. I own one. I use one. I like the feeling it provides. Hell, John, I even taught you about them.” John hung his head, realizing her words. “I just don’t think that you understand that the time and place matter.”
“So, no more dinner time toys,” John said, half-smiling.
“It’s not just dinner time,” Anne replied sternly. “You need to get a bigger picture of the world we live in.” She leaned into the table for emphasis. “You two have always known about my proclivity for home nudity. I mean – look at us; we’re sitting here at our dinner table stark naked. To us, it’s a natural thing. It’s always been this way. And I like it this way. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And the things we’ve learned about each other – spiritual as well as sexual – make us a tight family. In today’s world, we’re the exception, not the rule.” She looked into their eyes and saw she was getting her point across. “You know what I’m getting at, don’t you?”
Steph smiled at her. “Yes, Mom, we both do.” She looked at her brother and nodded, and he nodded back. “We both understand how special our bond is, and how much you value it. We wouldn’t think of compromising it.” Anne sat back and relaxed. “So,” Steph continued, “we’ll cool it with the fooling around before – and during – dinner, as well as other times. We really do understand.”
“Good,” Anne said, getting up, “because you two get to do the dishes while I play. Okay?” She stuck her own tongue out at her kids.
“Remember, Mom,” John said, “don’t stick it out –“
“Unless I’m going to use it? We’ll see about that – later.” She gave him a smile and wiggled her hips once for them as she went around the corner to the family room. The kids shrugged, and started in cleaning the dishes.
Anne laid back on the couch and lazily ran her fingertips up her torso, from her delta to her neck. She lingered over her flat stomach, gently caressed her soft, round nipples, ran her fingers under her full, firm globes, and walked them up her cleavage. By the time she’d reached her neck her body tingled. She draped a leg over the back of the couch and slowly slipped just the very tips of her fingers down across the tops of her labia. The almost feather-like touch brought a wave of warmth through her crotch, along with a certain amount of moisture. She loved to masturbate. She loved Dubai Escorts to expose and explore her erogenous areas. Whenever she began to even touch herself, her labia swelled and her pussy began to secrete delicious juices which she eagerly brought to her mouth. The moment she even came close to her clitoris, a wonderful warm feeling crept through her entire body causing even her nipples to tingle. It was times like these she was glad to have companionship who knew her particular desires.
But not yet, she told herself. Not until you’re really wet and hot and wanting something special. She took her other hand and spread her lips wide apart, pulling her hard clit out from under its hood. She dipped her middle finger just into the very rim of her vaginal opening and drew out some of the slick liquid. Like tracing a line on a page, she ran her finger up her slit to her erect knob and slowly, almost painfully began to circle it. Around and around she went, first in small circles, then in figure-8s, and then just lightly flicking it back and forth. It began to make her hot. She dipped her finger back into her cunt and – harder this time – drew it back up her exposed slit to her clit and repeated the process. And again, and again, she went down and up until her clit burned with a sexual fire she knew could only be extinguished in one way.
“Are you guys done yet?” she called, her voice nearly cracking mid-sentence.
“Ages ago,” Steph replied from right behind her. “We’ve been watching you for the past few minutes.” Steph released her hold on John’s long, hard cock and went around to where Anne could see her. “You do that so sensually,” she said, nearly whispering, “we both love watching you.”
John came around to the side of the couch, his tool waving before him. “How do you want it?” he asked his mother. “Behind? On top?”
“Let me suck you a bit first,” Anne replied, “so I can feel Steph’s tongue in me. Then I want you hard and fast from behind, so I can give Steph what she needs.”
John knelt on the cushion next to his mother’s face and lowered his erection to her mouth. She took him slowly in while Steph knelt down between her spread thighs. The moment Steph’s tongue touched her clit she gasped and moaned in a low tone. “Oh, yes, sweetie,” she murmured, “that’s the spot.” She ran her lower teeth up the hard ridge on John’s cock, drawing a pleasant groan from him. She felt Steph’s tongue work up and down her valley, sliding just a little way into her hole before slipping back up to circle her clit. She wrapped her hand around John’s thick tool and began to pump him as she sucked.
Steph felt her mother’s reaction and dove back down to her box. She loved to tease her with just the tip of her tongue, much like John would tease her with the head of his cock. She would only go in a little way and start up a rhythm, going in and out until she felt Anne’s liquids begin to rise. Then she would withdraw and tease her clit some more. She heard her mother’s moans mixed with the sounds of John’s dick head going in and out of her mouth, and Steph got even more turned on. Just the sounds alone were enough to get a rise out of her; there were times she could remember laying in bed and hearing the sound of bed springs in her mother’s room next door, and she would get so horny she’d have to masturbate to their rhythm until she climaxed along with them.
John, too, felt Anne’s reactions to Steph’s oral stimulation. When his mother began to pump his tool and suck him at the same time he had to look away and distract his thoughts or he would climax too soon. The feel of her tongue swirling around the sensitive rim of his cock sent shivers up his spine; he’d have to pull out soon or else there would be nothing left to fuck her with.
Anne felt her orgasm build quickly. She let it go, taking John deeply into her mouth. Her daughter’s teasing and probing had built up such heat and passion that she exploded without any warning right in her face. Her thighs tightened, her stomach clenched, and her pussy went ablaze with liquid heat as Steph continued sucking her clit. “Oh my,” Anne gasped, “oh my, oh my. More, more, more.”
John turned her over, spread her legs wide, and rammed his cock up his mother’s cunt right to his balls. Anne moaned loudly, but she pushed back against him. “Harder now,” she implored him, “fuck me harder now. Ream my cunt, baby. Get it, get it!” Steph came around and sat down in front of Anne’s face. She grabbed a handful of hair in her fist and thrust her face between her legs.
“Eat me now,” she told her mother, “eat my pussy now. Lick it! Suck it! Eat me out now!” Anne willingly bore down on her daughter’s sweet pussy, licking and sucking her way from top to bottom. Steph felt her mother’s tongue bury down deep into her cunt, and shivered; she was so hot and ready for her that she knew it wouldn’t be long before she, too, came. She shifted back even more to expose her tight anus to her mother’s tongue. There wasn’t even a need for communication; Anne slid down and probed her ass until it was slick with her saliva. Then she reached underneath and slowly slipped her thumb up her daughter’s back door. “Oh, shit, yes,” Steph cried, “fuck my ass, too. Fuck it hard now!”
John pounded mercilessly in and out of his mother’s fuck hole. His balls banged against her clit and his fingers gripped her ass cheeks until they were red. In and out and in and out, he pumped his rod harder and harder until his balls were dripping with her juices. Then, taking his soaking wet cock out of her, he moved slightly north and eased his way up her ass. “Oh, yes,” his mother cried out, “yes, yes, yes! Fuck me there, John! Ream my ass!”
The trio climaxed together. Steph let out a gasp, spread her legs as widely as she could, and exploded in her mother’s mouth and face. Anne felt her own orgasm explode like a fireworks display, with wave after wave of wonderful, gripping spasms. And John let go a huge load of cum deep in his mother’s ass, only to slide out, penetrate her cunt, and let go a second load. As he collapsed on her back he could feel his cum oozing out around his cock and wetting his stomach where he’d cum in her ass. He moved slightly and felt the warmth spread over their skin. “You okay, Mom?” he whispered.
“I’m fine,” she whispered, kissing her daughter’s wet pussy lips and smiling, “just fine.”

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