A day at the Grange pt 1


Written and edited with the collaboration and inspiration of a good friend and favourite naughty mouse.

Sir Richard Grey was taking his afternoon walk one glorious summer’s day, strolling down the lanes a few miles from his estate. As he approached a cross roads around the corner, a young lady came riding side saddle. Her horse was startled to see him, and reared a little, but she brought him under control quickly with a few flicks of her riding crop.
“Sir, do you make it a habit of yours to disturb riders while you are strolling out”?
“Young miss surely you should be taking more care, have you never been given proper instructions in how to behave”.
The young lady looked upon Sir Richard in a haughty manner, stating to him that she had attended one of the country’s finest schools for young ladies. Sir Richard stated that maybe she should ask her father to send her to the Grange tomorrow for further instructions. Again she replied in a haughty manner, that her father had died during a voyage to the African colonies.
“Well I’m sorry to hear that young miss, but you should ask your mother then, I will expect you for luncheon before the staff are dismissed for the weekend”.
“Your name sir then I may attend, but I would know your name first”.
“Sir Richard Gray, young miss tell your coachman to bring you to the grange”.
Sir Richard turned on his heels and strolled off without a backwards glance. The young lady narrowed her eyes and continued on her way.
The next day as noon was approaching a carriage arrived at the entrance to the grange; Sir Richard was waiting for it at the doors, he had dismissed most of his staff; the carriage halted and the coachman helped two ladies down from it.
“See Lillian Sir Richard is awaiting us, I told you he was a gentleman, Sir Richard I am here as you requested, but mamma insisted I bring along a chaperone, so my cousin has kindly agreed to attend with me”.
“Well young miss that meets with my expectations of you, but surely you should allow me to know your name”.
“How amiss of me, I am the Lady Charlotte”.
“Well ladies come in and you may escort kocaeli dismiss your coachman, I will have mine return you to your home when we have finished”.
Charlotte dismissed her driver and followed Sir Richard to the door; he held it open and escorted the ladies inside. As she walked into the hallway charlotte looked around and stated.
“Sir Richard, are those cobwebs I see, do you not make sure staff do their jobs correctly?”
“Miss Charlotte, it seems that they take advantage of my good nature, they are not doing as they used to when my late wife was in charge of the household”?
“Well you must run a tight ship sir, or they will always be slovenly, maybe I should give them some instructions for you”.
“Alas we only have young Sally here today, the rest have a half day off, but she can be given instructions after lunch”.
They enter the rather large parlour and Sir Richard offers the ladies a drink, they accept a sherry each while he opts for a scotch; he sits in an armchair while the ladies perch demurely on the couch.
They make small talk about his lands, and plans for the farms he owns; the conversation turns to education. All three agree that the education of young ladies is certainly lacking in some areas. Sir Richard says if he is elected as the local MP at the next general election, he will introduce a private members bill to address this oversight. At this point Sally enters the room carrying a tray of cold cuts and a salad.
“Aaahh Sally, leave it on the table we will serve ourselves, but return in one hour the Lady Charlotte has some instructions for you”.
Sally bobs a curtsy and hurries out.
The conversation meanders, taking in various subjects involving farming practices, land management, and to how he will fair in the elections. The hour passed quickly and Sally returned as instructed.
“Very good you’re here Sally, now stand there Lady Charlotte has some instructions for you”.
Charlotte stands and walks around the girl, inspecting her as she stands there in her long maids skirt and white blouse.
“Sally, I see your work is a little slovenly, why is this and how old kocaeli anal yapan escort are you?”
“Miss I’m sixteen, and I do my best but the master he has me doing other things for him as well”.
“That is no excuse, now I will have to give you some punishment to make sure your work improves”.
With this Charlotte pushed her to the table, and forced her face down over it; she then ordered her to pull her bloomers down. Sally went bright red as she did this; Charlotte told her to now to bend over the table, asking Sir Richard to get her his best cane.
Richard went to the closet and returned with a fine bamboo cane, as he handed it to her, she instructed him to raise the girl’s skirt. Sally was blushing bright red as her master raised her skirt up, bunching it around her waist.
“Now Sally, you will receive ten lashes of this cane to remind you how to behave, and clean in the house of a gentleman. After each stroke you will count it off, and say ‘Thank you miss’ do you understand?”
“Yes miss”
Charlotte raises the cane above her head, smiling brightly she brought the cane down in a fast arc, striking Sally across both buttocks leaving a bright red stripe.
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, one miss”.
With the smile still on her lips, charlotte raised the cane and once again lashed it down, leaving another stripe over Sally’s sweet young buttocks.
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, two miss”.
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, three miss”.
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, four miss”.
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, five miss”.
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, six miss”.
Charlotte stopped and inspected Sally’s backside, running her fingers along the red welts she had raised with the cane. Then without any warning she raised her hand, and lashed down harder.
“Aaaaaaaaaarrrrggggggg, oh god that hurts please stop”.
“Why you wilful strumpet, you make demands of me, you will get one extra stroke for that”.
“Aaaaaaaaarrrggh, oh god eight miss”.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgghhh nine miss”
“Yowwwwwwwlllll, ten miss”.
Charlotte applied the last stroke as hard as she could.
“Aaaaaaaaaarrrrgghhhhhhh, oh god, oh god eleven miss”.
Sally izmit yabancı escort was sobbing loudly, tears running down her cheeks, staining the polished surface of the fine oak table she was laying on.
Charlotte again inspected Sally’s buttocks, running her fingers along the welts, pinching them occasionally. “You see Sir Richard, this is how one should treat staff that do not complete their appointed tasks; now come over here and see”.
Sir Richard walked over and looked down at Sally’s bruised and red buttocks with a thin smile on his lips.
“Oh Sir Richard, your manhood is making its presence known to us go take a seat, Lillian kneel before Sir Richard and help him with his problem”.
Sir Richard sat down as Lillian knelt before him; she reached out with trembling hands and unbuttoned his breeches, he himself removed his jacket. She slid them to his ankles, once she had removed his boots she slipped them off; again she reached forward and took his large member in her tiny hand she began to rub the shaft.
Sir Richard’s breath quickened as Lillian moved her head forward, flicking her tongue out she began to lick around his member , up and down the shaft and across the head of it, licking up and swallowing the small amount of liquid that had leaked out. Suddenly she lowered her mouth over his tumescent member, engulfing it completely in her warm mouth; Richard moaned loudly as he felt her teeth grazing along his shaft, as she moved her head up and down.
With one hand on his shaft Lillian used the other to undo the buttons of her dress, slipping it off her shoulders she pulled her dress off, followed by her petticoat and bloomers. Now naked except for her stockings and boots, she leant forward and wrapped her ample bosom around the hard member in front of her; pinching her own nipples. She began to rub them up and down his shaft, licking the end of his member every time it pushed through the top of her bosoms.
Richards breathing and moaning became more urgent as he reached out and pushed Lillian’s head down onto his shaft, moaning loudly he shouted out that he was coming. Lillian opened her mouth wide to accept his seed as he flooded out hitting her in the face; she wiped her fingers across lips and sucked them clean.
Charlotte looked over and asked if he was satisfied, to which he replied for the moment I am.

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