A Cuckold’s Second Chance


The story of my journey from being a nice girl to a slut in high school, and then finally marrying one of the boys to make him my cuckold husband should be both interesting and stimulating to you. My name is Jeannie, and my husband Ed and I are now forty years old and happily married, but this story starts during my junior year in high school.It was in the mid-1980s in Orlando, and I had just turned sixteen in the summer before school started. I had not had very much attention from boys up to that point, but my body developed since the end of the last school year, and I then had very lovely D-cup breasts and a shapely, tear drop ass. I’m five feet and five inches tall and weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds, and my long brunette hair and green eyes complimented my pretty face.I really enjoyed dating the boys at my school, and at first, I heeded my mother’s warnings and rejected their advances to rub my tits and pussy, but after three months of dating I was beginning to enjoy feeling them rubbing me. The real change in my attitudes towards sex came one night when one of the senior boys succeeded in taking my bra off and sucking my tits. At the same time, getting his fingers into my pussy and was rubbing my clit, as I was rubbing the big lump of his cock in his pants.He gave me an orgasm from him fingering me, and although we didn’t fuck that night, I knew that I really wanted to. I talked to my mother about it, and she reluctantly agreed to help me get birth control pills, and within a few weeks I was protected and eager to be fucked. We didn’t hear as much about diseases in those days, and the ones we knew about could easily be cured with penicillin. My main concern was in not getting pregnant, and I wanted to feel a bare cock in my vagina.I went out on a date with that same senior boy again and really surprised him when I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out of his pants at the same time he was sucking my tits and fingering my pussy. I just loved the feeling of his cock in my hands, and I’m guessing that it’s about seven inches long and of average thickness. As I continued stroking his cock he put his hand on my head and guided me down to take that hard piece of meat into my mouth. I had my first taste of cock and precum and just loved it.He had an older car with big, bench seats, and he finally leaned down to suck on my pussy while I was sucking his cock. That was my first experience with that position, and he later told me it was called a sixty-nine. We continued sucking each other for a while, but then I surprised him even further when I pulled away, turned around in the seat, and pulled him on top of me. It took no convincing for him to quickly sink his hard cock into very wet pussy, and I felt no pain since my hymen had already been broken by playing sports at school.I just loved the feeling of his stiff cock in my tight pussy, and it seemed like the more he fucked me the more I had to have. I don’t think that I’m technically a nymphomaniac or anything, but I was almanbahis şikayet having orgasm after orgasm and my pussy still tingled for more. He finally stiffened up and ejaculated into me, and I was still trying to fuck him as his cock softened and he pulled it out of me.I dated him a couple of more times and noticed that he didn’t want to suck my pussy any more but would just get right to fucking me and shooting his cum into me. Maybe he felt that he didn’t want to put his mouth where his cock had been because it would be nasty, but I really missed having my pussy sucked.It was then January of the next year, and I was being asked out on dates by more and more guys, and I was enjoying fucking all of them. I just loved feeling those hard cocks pushing into me, and still couldn’t seem to get enough. I especially like the feeling of being filled with cum and having it run out of me and down my ass. As my reputation as an easy fuck grew, it seemed that the boys just wanted to fuck me, and there was no longer any pretense of even going to a movie or to dinner. They would pick me up or even just come to my home when my parents were at work, and I usually sucked their cocks and then they fucked me.I really wanted to have my pussy sucked too, but finally one of the boys was candid with me and let me know that I was just a slut to them, and they thought it would be nasty to suck my pussy since so many boys were fucking me. Sometimes two or three boys would be with me at the same time, and I would often be sucking the cock of one of the guys while another was fucking me, and then they would change places. One time I even fucked seven of the football players at a party after a game, and despite being soaked in their cum and a little sore, I wanted even more cock when they were finished with me.As the summer before my senior year began, I got a phone call from a boy named Ed who is my age and going to be a senior in our rival high school across town. He said, “Hi, Jeannie, a friend of mine gave me your number, and said that you’re a beautiful girl and that I might like to take you out.”I wasn’t stupid, and just assumed that word about me being an easy fuck had spread to the other school, and Ed just wanted to get some of my pussy. I was still being fucked at least 10 times per week by the boys from my school, so I agreed to go out with Ed, but decided that I would not let him get into my pants until after the first few dates. We started dating, and Ed was the perfect gentleman.He never tried to feel me up and was always polite, and the most we had done on the first three dates was to hug and kiss. I was beginning to think maybe he hadn’t heard about what a slut I am, and I was beginning to like him so much that my pussy was itching to fuck him. We went to the drive-in theater on our next date and parked in the last row, which is where many of the kids parked to make out. Ed had an old Ford sedan with a bench seat in the back seat, and we moved there to be more comfortable.We started out watching almanbahis canlı casino the movie, but then started hugging and kissing and fogging up the windows. He was still being a gentleman, so I made the first move and placed my hand on the inside of his thigh and started rubbing ever closer to his cock. He took that as a sign to begin rubbing my tits, and soon he had my blouse open and bra off and was eagerly sucking my round and full tits.The more he sucked my tits the more turned on I got, and I soon moved my hand to his cock, and he placed his hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I unfastened his pants and lowered them and leaned down to take his cock into my mouth.He has a small dick, probably only about four and a half inches long and not very thick, but I needed to be fucked and didn’t care how big it is. I continued sucking his dick, and I really enjoyed the taste of his meat and the smell of his crotch. Then I got an idea and asked, “Have you ever tasted a pussy? Would you like to suck mine while I’m sucking your dick?”I could tell that Ed had no experience with any of that, and I found out later that night that I was the first girl he had ever gotten that far with. But he followed my lead and twisted around on the seat, and then pulled down my shorts and white cotton underwear, and tentatively moved his mouth to my cunt. I resumed sucking his little dick, and then heard him sniffing the aroma of my pussy as he closed his lips over my labia. I sensed that he was tasting my juices, and then his tongue plunged into me and he began hungrily sucking my pussy.That was his first contact with a pussy, and he just loved the taste of me and my thick, hairy labia. Girls didn’t shave their pussies back then the way they do now, but I did trim mine and my labia were covered by a thick layer of neatly-trimmed, dark hair. Ed was so turned on eating me out that he placed his hands on my ass and pulled my pussy as hard as he could into his mouth.If he had heard about me being a slut and fucking all those other boys, it sure didn’t seem to bother him. It felt so good having my pussy sucked again, and I had really missed it. I can remember thinking that his lack of a big cock was more than made up for by his apparent love of sucking my pussy.I had two orgasms while he was eating my pussy, and since he had not cum yet, I pulled away and turned around in the seat, so I could fuck him. Since that was his first time he wasn’t sure of what to do, but I soon had him on top of me and lined up to shove his dick into me.As he entered my pussy he gasped, “Oh, Jeannie that feels so good. You’re the first girl I’ve has sex with. I had no idea that a pussy would feel that good around my dick. I also love sucking your sweet pussy, and I’ll do that for you as often as you’ll let me.”Ed was soon fucking smoothly into and out of my pussy, and I slid down farther on the seat and pulled him up a little so the top of his dick would rub against my clit. Since I was Ed’s first piece of almanbahis casino pussy and I had already been sucking him, he didn’t last long. Within a couple of more minutes his dick was throbbing, and he was shooting his cum into my vagina. I didn’t have an orgasm with him fucking me, so I tried to keep him in me, even as he began to soften.Then I said, “Ed, I didn’t have an orgasm. Would you mind sucking my pussy again to help me cum?”I’m sure that Ed didn’t plan that ahead of time since I was the first girl he had fucked, but he didn’t hesitate at all in turning around in the seat into the sixty-nine position again and pulling my pussy to his mouth. He must have realized that he was swallowing his own cum, but he pulled me over on top of him and dove in and sucked my pussy with more enthusiasm than even the first time before we had fucked. I could hardly believe my good luck at finding a boy who was so hungry for my pussy that he didn’t even mind eating his own cum.It felt so good having him suck me again that I sat up on his face as far as I could in the car and smothered him with my thick labia as he continued to swallow our juices. I soon had another orgasm, and felt our combined juices flowing out of my pussy and into his mouth. After I came down from my orgasm, I lay back down on him and sucked his cock as he continued feasting on my pussy. I was able to take his cock and both balls into my mouth at the same time, and we continued to suck one another like that for another twenty minutes.We finally separated and got dressed, and after going to the concession stand for some refreshments, we just sat in the car and talked and even watched the movie a little. I then said to him, “Tell me more about how you got my name. Did you hear anything about my reputation from other boys?”Ed then said, “I’m sorry, but I have to admit that I first contacted you because a friend from your school told me that you are very pretty and an easy lay. I had never had sex before, so I thought that might be a good opportunity to get laid. But then when we started dating you seemed so nice and you didn’t seem like a slut to me, so I really started liking you. I don’t care what you do with other boys, so long as I can be with you some of the time.”That situation ended up better than I could have hoped and as we entered our senior year, I continued dating Ed while at the same time fucking the boys from my school. Ed always sucked my pussy on our dates, whether we fucked or not, and I felt like he really liked me a lot, and somehow even respected me.Then one Saturday when my parents weren’t home, three of the boys from my school had been over fucking me, and not five minutes after they left Ed came to the door and rang the doorbell. I hadn’t had time to take a shower and clean up, so I just put on a robe and let him in.He said, “Jeannie, I was out running some errands and started thinking about your sweet pussy, and I just had to stop by to see if I could suck you.”I tried to put him off by saying, “A few of my friends were over and I haven’t had a chance to clean up and feel dirty, so why don’t you wait a few minutes while I take a quick shower?”Ed pleaded, “Please, Jeannie, I have to taste you right now. I don’t care that your friends were here or what they did.”

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