A Camping Trip


After a long day of traveling going on vacation you were tired. You had spent most of the time looking at the landscape, listening to music and looking forward to some fresh air in the mountains. Looking forward to the trip you had selected a camping trip in the mountains, looking forward to doing some hiking and sight seeing to get refreshed after a long year.

You got off the bus when it finally stopped, took your backpack and tent, and made your way through the small town to the camping site. Stopping a few times to ask directions, and then making your way through a shop to get something to eat. The surrounding area was amazing, and you were surrounded by the high peaks and fresh air.

After a little while you had made the campsite and looked for a spot to pitch your tent in this amazing area surrounded by mountain slopes and trees. The sun was still high in the sky being a lovely summers late afternoon and it invited you to go and explore. The space you wanted was surrounded by a couple of tents, but you had found a nice spot next to some trees that you liked. You put you backpack and tent on the ground and looked around. This looked like the ideal place for some peace and quiet away from the bustling city you left behind.

After your tent was set up you made your way for a walk to explore the site before you would go and make yourself some food. All around the site there was various activities, people arriving, leaving, going on hikes, or making fire for the evening. Although it was bustling with activity you felt at peace and the soft cool breeze made you relax as you were wandering around.

Needing to refresh you took a quick shower at the block just to cool down and then got back into your clothes, still dripping wet you went outside, and a cool mountain breeze blew through the area. Your body still wet your clothes stuck to your curves and you loved the cool air trickling over you.

Zipping open the tent you enter and decide to get changed, you settle on a pair of shorts and a loose-fitting t-shirt. As you are camping you decide to not wear a bra. Exiting the tent, you can feel the cool breeze hardening your nipples. It’s getting close to time to eat something and you make your way to a fire that you see close by with a bag full of what you want to cook.

The people around the fire welcomes you with an invite to sit down. Conversation around the fire turns around where everyone is from (there were about 6 people). Everyone coming from different areas and countries they have a nice chat about why they chose this area to come and explore. Some talk about the hikes they went on, others about trips they took before and how they ended up here.

As your dinner was some canned food and bread you warmed it up and sat chatting while eating. One of the guys had made some coffee and they all had some of the strong coffee with some whisky in it. Everyone was talking about random things when one of the ladies gets up and walks away towards the bathrooms. You see that a few of the guy’s eyes follows her. You take a closer look, and you notice that she is also not wearing a bra and her nipples are pushing hard against her top. Some of the guys notice that you have seen them stare and grandbetting yeni giriş they get embarrassed. One of them then says “Well, can you blame me when I see that?”

Everyone bursts out laughing.

You strike up a conversation with one of the guys about his travels. He has come from Germany and he talks about his travels through Argentina and where he has been. You give him a few tips about some of the places that you have been to and where he can go to visit. As it gets a bit darker both of you move a little closer to not to have to talk too loudly as everyone is now a little “warmer” due to the whisky and talking way louder than before.

You notice that at one point his eyes catches your nipples slightly pointing through your shirt. He looks up and blushes and you just smile.

As the night carries on everyone starts to move back to their tents. You and the guy have a little chat and decide to go for a hike early the next morning as this is his first time here. You show him where your tent is, and he says that his tent is actually a few spots away from yours. Both of you agree on a time and you make your way to your tent walking slowly. Loving the air and breeze something tells you to look behind you and you catch him watching you. A smile crosses your face. He gives you a big smile and says something to the tune of “See you tomorrow!”

“Hope you have a good evening!” you reply as you continue to your tent.

He smiles and says, “Well, I can think of ways to make it a nicer evening!”

He gives you a sly wink as you leave.

You smile back and say, “It probably would make for a good evening.”

As you turn and walk away.

You reach your tent and open the zip, entering on your hands and knees to find a spot to sit down. Looking outside into the darkening surroundings, the sounds from the insects in the trees and grass makes the evening come alive and you enjoy the quiet as everyone settles down for the evening.

After about an hour you decide to go and sleep, it’s been a long day. You were reading a book and put it down and switch off your camp light. For about an hour you lie in your tent trying to fall asleep, but the coffee has made you awake, tossing and turning around you decide to get up to go for a walk. You get out of the tent and start to wander around. It’s so quiet with only some insect sounds coming from the area. The night was still quite light and some of the campers had outside battery lights on.

Walking around a thought passed through your head to go and see the guy from the fire.

You make your way towards his site not sure why, but just wanting to go and see. As you approach his tent you walk to see past the front entrance. You can see a slight light coming from the inside and it makes you wonder what he is up to as you notice that the zip is open. From the darker outside you glimpse in and see him illuminated. He is holding his phone with his one hand with the other hidden, you assume, under his sleeping bag.

You go a little closer, your heart beating, not sure why you are going closer. The sound coming from the tent is then unmistakable.

He was watching porn!

You could see the sleeping grandbetting giriş bag moving up and down as you would think if he was masturbating. Just as you are about to stop you step on some dry leaves, and it makes a sound. You are too close to move away fast without him noticing and you see that his flashlight on the phone gets switched on.

He had seen you.

He lowers the light a little, as it has illuminated his whole tent as well. You take a breath, having been caught. For a minute or two there is silence and then you break the ice by saying “Enjoying your evening?”

An embarrassed smile crosses his face, and he says, “It could be better if I was not alone.”

The answer that escapes your mouth is faster than what your brain could process, and you reply, “There might be a tent looking for company.”

You turn around and act as if you are adjusting your shorts. They hug your perfect ass, and you pull one of the legs up a little higher up your ass and walk away.

At the tent you get in and wonder why you said that but also turned on by what you said. With the thought in your head, you decide to go back to bed. You get out of your clothes; totally nude you only close the front flap a little and not zip up the tent to allow some air into the tent as it is quite hot inside. You settle down and lie on your back, a cool breeze flowing over your body.

You lose track of time, but not more than 30 minutes had passed when you hear a voice at the front of the tent saying, “Hi!”

You take a shocked breath and then recognise the voice.

He asks, “Are you ok in there?”

Not sure how to answer you get up on your knees and trying to figure out why you are moving closer to the tent entrance. But your mind and body are fighting with each other. Your body wins and your mind decides to play along. You get to the front of your tent, which feels like an age but probably took only 5 seconds.

Sticking your head and shoulders out you are face to face with the stranger from the fire. He is wearing a pair of shorts with no shirt on. He has knelt, and he can see that you are naked.

Not losing a second he leans forward and kisses you. Reacting in shock you want to pull back, but you relax and start kissing him back. He breaks the kiss and tells you to go inside.

You crawl backwards and then he enters the tent. He comes over to you and then he grabs you close again. Kissing you passionately you feel his one hand starting to explore your shoulders. The position however does not work well, and you quickly break the kiss, and you sit on your knees.

Your breasts are now on display for him, your nipples erect with excitement. His head ducks down and he sucks one of your nipples. He takes his hand and grabs you close to his face. A moan escapes your mouth and the immediate strength as he pulls you closer makes you want this to happen.

He is also in a similar position and his other hand starts to explore your body. Running his hand down your back he grabs your ass and starts to give it a squeeze.

You lose track of time as he alternates between your breasts. His hand exploring your body. Slowly he trails his hand over your body, and it makes grandbetting güvenilirmi its way to your thighs. Still on your knees you get up a little to allow him to explore even more.

A finger finds your shaved pussy. And you gasp as he touches you softly. Your hips automatically move forward, and he explores you more, gently touching you.

The finger then opens your pussy lips and he softly touches your clit. You are moaning a little more.

What happens next makes you gasp.

He bites down on your nipple as he pushes his finger into your soaking wet pussy. You did not expect it to go so fast, but you want more. He starts to finger fuck you while he releases his grip on your nipples. And then he trails his tongue up your body and you both kiss again.

Your body is now in total control of your primal lust, your mind taking a backseat.

He pushes you onto your back in a swift move, grabbing your legs he spreads them and ducks his head in between your legs.

His tongue finds your clit and starts to lick and suck on it. Making you move your hips in delight.

With his tongue he edges you closer and closer to an orgasm. Your mind and body under total control from him urging him to make you cum. You feel the orgasm building up in your body and then you start to shake. The ecstasy of an earth-shaking orgasm flowing over your body.

He lifts his head and asks, “You like that?”

All you could do was moan a yes.

He tries to get up and remove his shorts and your eyes catches a glimpse of his erection. You love what you see. A massive cock, looking ready to penetrate you.

He does not take long. You still want to suck him, but he does not give you a chance. He aims his cock at your pussy and then pushes into you. You gasp as his thick cock stretches you. In a swift movement he is all the way in.

Your pussy filled.

He starts to move his hips, pulling out and then slamming into you. This is pure fucking. He is slamming into you and the size of him makes you cum on his cock again.

You moan out loud as he thrusts into you. Not caring if the neighbours hear what is going on inside of your tent,

He is fucking you hard.

Faster and harder, skin slapping against skin. You love feeling him slide out and then slamming into you. Your pussy not wanting it to stop at all. You suddenly remember that he was fucking you without a condom. There was no time to even think of it before it all started.

As on cue he says, “I’m going to cum soon!”

You moan out loud. He says it again, this time asking where to cum. You want him to cum in you, but you also don’t want to.

You say, “Not in me!”

He replies, “Be a good girl and swallow it all!”

He pulls out and he pulls you up by your arms. On his knees he points his cock at you. You kneel and take him in your mouth, your tongue trying to enter his cock tip.

Adjusting yourself you manage to kneel in such a way to use your hands to grab his balls. You start to massage them as you explore his cocks, sucking it, licking from balls to tip.

He moans out and then you feel in your mouth as he starts to cum.

You suck and swallow every drop.

For a few moments you keep him in your mouth and then releasing him you say with a smile, “Have a nice sleep!”

He takes his shorts, crawls out of the tent, puts them on disappears in the darkness.

As he leaves, you lie on your back in the dark, naked, and smiling.

What a great way to start your vacation.

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