A Bunnie To Play With – Chapter 12

Big Tits

When I woke up the next morning, with bright sunlight already streaming into the room, I found myself alone in the bed and with Anne nowhere in sight, which left me slightly disappointed. I had expected to be woken by her, or the other way around, and after last nights intimate confession, revel in the new closeness. I crawled out of the bed and made my way to the coffee machine, my mood brightening when I saw the note on the kitchen table. Though the small flutter of happiness was instantly crushed when I read what she had written. “Will be out all day, don’t wait up for me in the evening.” It wasn’t even signed. I slumped down on a chair and re-read the sentence, asking myself what was going on. Was I reading to much into the note? Perhaps she had been in a hurry? But the rational part of my mind told me that I was making up unreasonable excuses. Anne, with all her outward flightiness, wasn’t one to be this insensitive by accident. But I couldn’t, for the live of me, figure out what could be going on in her head to push me away. Was she uncomfortable that she had revealed her weakness? Was she still hung up on the idea she might hurt me? She was hurting me now, though, and I wished she would come into the room and simply take me in her arms more than anything else. A tear trickled down my cheek, which I angrily wiped away. But I wouldn’t give up hope. So I made myself a coffee and sat there, waiting for the door to open and an apologetic Anne to come back. After almost two hours and two more coffees, I had to declare defeat. It was already lunch time, my stomach started to growl, and there was still no sign of my girlfriend. But I couldn’t sit around and mope the whole day, so I traipsed into the shower. The water splashing down on me washed away some of the hopelessness I was feeling, and covered the tears I couldn’t hold back. Afterwards, I put on a summer dress and wrote a note for the unlikely case that she would be home, telling her that I was just running down to the pizza takeaway and would be back in a few minutes. Of course, it still lay untouched when I arrived back, and once the worst of my hunger was satisfied, the pizza tasted like cardboard. I threw away half of it and busied myself with tidying up. I could only occupy myself with that for a few hours though, and in my desperation not to think, I switched on the telly and coiled up on the couch with a big box of candies, watching mindlessly and crying fresh tears from time to time. I’d stay up until Anne got home, I decided, and make her talk to me. Whatever was going on with her, I just knew we could put it aside if we really talked to each other. We loved each other; we had both said so before we had fallen asleep, and we had both meant it. I must have drifted off into sleep though. When I was startled awake, it was already daylight again, and the clanging and banging of a parade was coming from the tv. I shot a hopeful glance towards Anne’s bed, and my stomach dropped. It was untouched. But then I noticed that her purse, which had been on her nightstand, wasn’t there. “Anne?” I asked into the room, hoping to hear her reply from the bathroom, but I was only met with silence. Then a gut-wrenching thought ran through my head, and I got up and took some hesitant steps toward our wardrobe. Opening the door on Anne’s side, my worst fears were confirmed. Her overnight bag was missing, as was a part of her clothes. Spinning around, I spotted another note on the kitchen table. Walking over and picking it up took an enormous effort. “Brittany,” it started, and my stomach dropped further after almanbahis I read the formal address, “I know this is hard to understand, but I am not sure that we are good for each other. I need some time alone to think about everything. Anne.” No “love”, no “Bunnie”, not even “your friend” – the floor seemed to be pulled away under my feet. “Anne,” I wailed into the room, and my tears turned the world around me blurry. “Why?” **** I had spent the day moping again, trying and failing to understand my best friend and lover. I didn’t want to use the word “former lover” yet, even though I knew enough about the whole “I need some space” thing not to have big illusions in that regard. But the darker it became outside, the more restless I got. Today was Friday, and if I stayed inside again, I’d suffocate in loneliness. But I didn’t want to go to one of the usual hangouts and be surrounded by hyper coeds celebrating their exams. In a moment of defiance, I decided that I would visit the Dark Sapphire on my own. Maybe Anne would be there too, a small voice in my head dared to hope, but I quickly quenched it. I’d simply try to have fun there, and if that fun got sexual with whomever I met, that would be good too. I had only a rough idea about where it was though, not having paid much attention on our drive there, and even less on the ride back home. My first idea was to look it up in the phone book, but I couldn’t find it there. So I booted up my computer and searched the internet. It took me some time until I discovered the correct link in the flood of results, but I finally got to the website and scribbled down the address. Then came the next problem. What to wear? I wanted something titillating that immediately drew attention to me, in case I did run across Anne. I rummaged through the wardrobe, holding up dresses and shirts and discarding them just as quickly. Then I thought back to my first visit to the club and all the fancy outfits people had worn, and I got a wicked idea. So I pulled over one of the chairs so I could reach up to the highest board where my ‘mementos’ were stored. There it was, and with a pack of clothes in my hand I jumped down from the chair, my mood brightening. I had to iron out a few wrinkles, and I was a bit fearful that I wouldn’t fit into the outfit anymore, but to my joy, I managed to wiggle into the by now rather tight and short skirt. The blouse, which had been tight when I had last worn it, now clung to my body like a second skin. The blazer what a bit more loose cut, so it still fit. I also found a pair of knee-length white cotton socks and black ballerina shoes. I thought about also putting on the tie, but that would probably be a bit too formal. When I looked in the mirror, it felt as if I was transported back in time. My old school uniform made me look little more than sixteen. But something was missing. After a little thinking and posing, I realized what it was, and with a giggle, I fetched the nail scissors from the bathroom and started to cut away the buttons from the top down, until it left a good bit of cleavage exposed. Still, that wasn’t enough. So I slipped it off again and, this time using the bigger scissors from the kitchen drawer, cut away a good part of the bottom of the blouse. When I tried it on again, the image looking back at me was completely different. In the place of the innocent little school girl stood a naughty little seductress, a good part of stomach exposed to show off her belly button, and only two buttons left to protect her breasts from being bared to the world. Two hairclips which sported tiny black almanbahis yeni giriş bows held back my hair, and with some mascara, a lot of dark, glittery eyeshade and a pale pink lipstick, I had the slutty look I was aiming for. Twirling in front of the mirror, I gave a small satisfied whoop, then spun over to my bed, picked up my phone and called a taxi. **** The driver sent me a few strange looks after I gave him the full address, but I got to the club in relative silence. The forty bucks really hurt my finances, but I finally told myself that, with exams over, I could get a side job to earn it back if I wanted to. So I found myself pulling the entrance open with a slightly trembling hand. “Hey, Bunnie it is, isn’t it? Good to see you again so soon!” Lucy’s voice greeted me before my eyes had adapted to the brighter light inside. “Hi Lucy, how are you?” I greeted back, trying to sound confident. “Good, good,” she piped, “you just here to dance or for more?” “For… more.” I couldn’t keep the blush from spreading over my cheeks. “That’s brilliant, cash or credit card?” “Uhm, cash. How much is it?” “Will Anne also be here?” she suddenly wanted to know. To which I could only shrug. “I really don’t know.” “I see.” Her eyes narrowed a bit, then she sent me a smile. “You know what, it’s normally fifty dollars for a single person, but I might be persuaded to grant you a rebate.” The feral sparkle in her eyes gave me shivers, but then told myself that I was here to have fun and discover new things, with or without Anne. Two could play games. So I put one hand on my hips, arched my back a bit to enhance my chest and bit my lower lip in a girlish, timid way while fluttering my eyelashes. “How much rebate, Ma’am, and how would I persuade you?” I shifted my weight onto the balls of my feet and wiggled left and right, as if I was nervous. Well, I was nervous, so it wasn’t all that hard. She crooked her finger in response, and, caught up in playing the schoolgirl, I shuffled around the counter with tiny, hesitant steps. She only stopped her gesture when I stood less than a foot away from her. “You already know that I have to check you for contraband. So I’ll do that before we discuss fees.” And without further ado, she bent forward and pulled my blouse away from my body, staring unabashed at my exposed breasts. “Nice titties,” she commented, “not really big, but firm and round enough for a little whipping.” At my frightened look, she quickly added, “I’m only teasing you, no need to panic.” When I sighed in relief, she let go of my blouse. “Lift your skirt, all the way, then slowly turn around.” My fingers trembled when I gripped the hem and pulled it up. Her eyes were measuring my reaction and only travelled downwards when the hem was above my waist and my pussy was exposed to her eyes. “Naughty girl,” she chided, “going clubbing without panties. And here I had planned to make you hand them over to me. I’ve got to think up something else instead.” Her index finger made a twirling motion. I started to turn on the spot, feeling her eyes on my nude backside. My blush spread across my cleavage and small spasms raced through my pussy. I finished the turn a little out of breath. Her eyes didn’t miss the sharp points of my nipples which were trying to poke through the blouse. “My, my, someone has gotten aroused by showing off her snatch,” she purred. “Let’s see what more we can do. Tell you what, I’ll waive half of the entrance fee if you stow your jacket here and let me take away the two buttons on your blouse. And the other half if you lick my pussy.” Without almanbahis giriş the two buttons, I’d have to move very, very carefully, unless I wanted to show off my breasts to the whole word. Which, I surmised, I had done already last weekend. But licking her? For twenty dollars? “Isn’t,” I had to clear my throat, “isn’t that a bit cheap? The licking, I mean.” “It is. Would that make you feel like a cheap slut then?” I nodded, unable to look into her eyes. Conflicting emotions warred inside me. Her looks weren’t that appealing to me; with her butch exterior, she was far from the beautiful Anne, the petite and cute Bao or even the overwhelming femininity of Brenda. Yet, she wasn’t ugly in any way, and a part of me got turned on especially by the lesser physical attraction, because it reduced the moment to something completely sexual and heightened the feeling of submission. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to agree to her terms out loud. Which she probably sensed. “I’ll count down from three, and if you aren’t at the other side of the counter by then, it means that you take up my offer.” Needless to say, I didn’t move at all when the numbers dripped off her lips. “Zero,” she voiced, the satisfaction audible, and pulled scissors from a drawer. Two quick snaps and the buttons were off, then she guided the jacket over my shoulders and down my arms, only then making me aware that I was still holding up my skirt, so caught up in the moment had I been. When her hands softly pressed down on my shoulders, I didn’t hesitate and lowered myself to my knees. My heart started to race. Why did it feel so right to kneel in front of another woman? I couldn’t say, but the juices in my pussy told me where that need came from. Lucy was once again wearing leather pants. They had lots of zippers and buttons, and when she opened two buttons at the top and pulled down zippers left and right of her triangle, I realized that they weren’t just for show. Instead, a big part of front of the pants could be pulled down to exposed her pubes, which were adorned by a purple dyed strip of hair. She stepped closer to me and pushed my head between her legs. My mouth opened on its own accord, and when my tongue snaked out and took a deep lick at her sex, I felt the small shudder that ran through her body. I was getting used to the heady, musky aroma by now, but she still tasted different from the pussies I had licked. Perhaps there was also a hint of perfume there, because it carried a scent of roses under the almost overwhelming aroma of leather. She was a gusher, I thought to myself, her juices, thinner that anything I had experienced, quickly covering my chin. I pressed my opened mouth over her pussy and lightly scraped over her clit with my front teeth. She didn’t let out the slightest moan, only her deeping breaths telling me that what I did had any effect on her. I licked some more, and when her breaths were rapidly quickening, I switched my attention to her clitoris, rubbing the growing pearl with my tongue and suckling on it. She trembled a few times when I did that, and suddenly her hands pressed down hard on the back of my head and she let out a low growl. “Fuck yeah,” she sighed, her hands letting go of me, “I needed that.” She looked down at me and smiled. “You look cute with my juices smeared all over your face.” I lifted my hand to wipe away the moisture, but she caught my wrist. “No, keep it there, so everyone downstairs knows immediately what you’ve been up to.” She pulled me to my feet and, not letting go of my wrist, and reached over for the stamp, which she proceeded to press onto my wrist. “There you go,” she chimed, “have fun in the club!” **** I didn’t pay much attention when I walked across the dance club, and when I reached the entrance to the basement, a group of girls was also about to go downstairs.

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