A black couple’s helping hand…


A black couple’s helping hand…That night I had been driving home after a party where I had got so many margaritas, when I felt the need to pee. Knowing how heavy the traffic was on the main road, I turned towards the beach road. In my haste to go, I jumped out the car and ran to the wooded area. I pulled up her skirt and squatted in the bushes. I was not wearing even a thong that night; or better say, I had thrown it to a guy`s face during the party…The stupid asshole had been dancing with me and he had pushed his bulging hard on against my crotch. But then the bastard had humiliated me, by saying I was not his type of woman.Now I stood outside my car shivering in the cold autumn rain. In the rush for getting a pee, I had forgotten the keys inside; now the doors had locked up, leaving me out from the warmnessThe wetness of my light cocktail dress made me shiver all the harder and worst of all, I felt the need again to have a pee…I moved again close to the trees.With a sigh, I felt the hot liquid as it burst from my pussy lips. The sudden release after holding it in so long was almost sensual. I was even almost tempted to allow my fingers to stroke my horny cunt when I heard a rustling in the bush.Frightened, I jumped up and ran to the car even as the hot piss still dribbled out from my cunt. I franticly tried again each door only to confirm what I already knew.I just confirmed again that I was locked out of that stupid car. The rustle in the bushes became louder and made me get scared; so I ran around to the opposite side of the car. But then I saw it was just an innocent raccoon, looking at me with his bandit mask making him look almost funny. Afraid to walk away from the car, I withstood the cold rain. My clothes grew wetter and I grew colder under that horrible rain.I had been just twenty minutes but it seemed like hours. And now I had to pee again; fucking sweet margaritas. So I walked back again towards the woods, pulled up my dress and squatted down to my knees. My naughty fingers touched my hot wet cunt. Maybe playing with my pussy would take my mind off of how cold I was. So I began rubbing my swollen pussy lips. My cold fingers against the smooth shaved skin made me shiver but not from the cold. Slowly my middle fingertip touched my swollen clit. I closed my eyes, opened my red lips and let go a long whistle…I had just pushed that finger entirely up my hungry cunt when I heard a car coming around the bend in that lonely road.I then felt I was revealed in all my exposed glory. I began to wave my hands wildly. I did not care who was driving the car or if he would have a very good view of me squatting there. The freezing rain had plastered my clothes to my voluptuous body. The cold wetness had my tits rock hard with my nipples very visible. Even as the driver pulled in behind my car, I continued to pee. And I did not realize that I still had my finger stuck up my cunt and the two people in the car could see me.The car door opened and in the light, I could see a middle aged black couple. Even as the man emerged from the car, I could not stand up. This time, my flow did not stop in its intensity. My face turned a bright red as I continued to splash my piss to the ground as the black man approached. I saw he was smiling…I wanted to jump up and hide. Buy I was so full that it felt as if I had just begun to pee. My face grew even redder as I looked up at him.”When you finish, you might want to get in our car and warm up.” His voice gave me no hint at his thoughts. “I… I locked myself out from my car. I’m so ashamed…” I replied.I realized then I still had my fingers stuck up my cunt. güvenilir bahis From the way my skirt was bunched around my waist as I was squatting on the ground, the man could look directly down at my fresh shaved cunt. Worst of all, he saw that my fingers were not just touching my shaven mound, they were actually inserted very deep inside. At that moment, I heard my car`s engine sputter and die. Then I remembered I had not stopped for gas before going to the party.I thought the black man would turn away and walk back to the car. After all, he was getting wet standing there out with me. But no, he stood looking down at me; in fact he looked straight at my cunt as the hot pee still flowed from me…Looking up at him, I lost my balance and fell backwards. As my ass hit the wet ground, I felt the final drops rushed away from me. The black man helped me to stand and then he guided me over to the car and opened the back door. I sat inside, my teeth chattering. The man opened the trunk and then he tossed a warm blanket. His nice wife climbed over the back seat with me and she smiled to me, saying:”You better take off those wet clothes, or you will get a bad cold”.I did as she said and wrapped the blanket around my shoulders. But then I felt the black woman’s her hands as they slid up along my thighs. I was about to protest when the woman grasped my dress and pulled it over my head. She hugged me close to her. As I smelled her perfume, I saw the black man had managed to open my car’s door. He tried to start the engine, but it was dead.He came back to his car and handed me my coat and my phone.He sat down at the wheel and introduced himself as Don.His wife’s name was Aurelia. Through chattering teeth, I then introduced myself. He drove for about a half hour; while that sexy mature black woman hugged me close to her. Feeling the heat, I rested my head on her big boobs. I just remembered the car pulling up into a garage. I was helped from the car and into the house. Aurelia led me to the bathroom and before I could say a word, I felt I was naked before that black woman.Even through my fevered haze, I could notice the lustful way that she looked at my naked body. Then to my amazement and surprise, she heard her calling him.”Don, dear… you are going to have to hold her…” Then her husband came into the bathroom and held me steady as she sat on the closed toilet seat. I could not help but see the growing bulge in Don’s pants as he looked at me fully naked.Aurelia started to take her own clothes off. Once she was naked, she helped me get into the tub. I admired her ample beauty.”Don, honey, strip off and get in the tub to hold this white babe…”Her husband began to take his clothes off, with a lustful grin…Then I gasped as his bloated dark cock sprang into view. I had sucked and fucked more than a black dick; but Don´s cock was really huge and longer than anyone…He held me close to his body as Aurelia soaped up a cloth and began to wash my back. The black man was holding me facing him and I could not help but feel his throbbing dick as it pressed against my belly. I could feel a stirring deep in my horny cunt. The wife was taking her sweet time washing my soft round ass. As she washed my crack, I could feel the woman’s fingers probing my rear hole. Against my control, I moaned and pushed my ass against the probing finger. My action caused Don to begin a slow rubbing against my exposed body. Then Aurelia made him turn me around.Then I felt his cock snuggle right in the crack of my ass cheeks. This time, Aurelia managed to excite me. When I felt the soft cloth on my boobs, I began to breathe a bit güvenilir bahis siteleri faster. The black woman was doing more squeezing and caressing than washing. I found myself rubbing my buttocks against Don’s throbbing cock. His wife moved lower with her washing and I moaned out loud as she slid her finger along my wet slit. I began to slide my body up and down. As I did so, Don’s hard and huge dick slid up and down my crack. I was searching for Aurelia’s finger with my cunt. But that evil black woman smiled as she kept moving her finger away from my clit. “Please!” I could not believe my own voice …”Please what Ana?” Don whispered in my ear. “Put your finger up my cunt. Please! Just rub my clit…” I cried.Aurelia smiled, as her finger slid easily up my eager wet cunt. Don reached around and began to pinch and pull my nipples. The black woman knew exactly how to work my cunt without allowing me to cum. I would have done anything, promised anything to achieve the orgasm that I so badly needed.Suddenly they both stopped their movements at the same time. I felt my body shiver and shouted to them both:“Please, do not tease me anymore… please!!”Aurelia laughed. She put her mouth close to mine and said:”Before I’m through, you’ll be begging me harder than you are now”They rinsed off and helped me get out of the tub. They both dried me off and then they dried themselves. They led me into a bedroom that had a huge king size bed.Aurelia made me lay down on the bed and then I watched as she dropped to her knees and took most of Don’s dick in her mouth. I watched, to my amazement, as Aurelia took the entire black snake down her throat. Her husband was looking directly at me as he fucked the black woman’s throat. She was a pretty wet cocksucker. Then still holding her black wife the hair, Don pulled his dick slowly free of her sucking lips. “Would you like to taste it too, little white slut?” He asked me.I could not take my eyes off the bobbing shaft. I nodded my head. Aurelia crawled up onto the bed and slowly pulled my thighs apart. There was no foreplay involved. Aurelia dived between my thighs and began to lick and suck my shaved horny cunt. Just as I felt her silky tongue push between my hungry pussy lips; Don grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up to meet his dickhead. “Suck it, babe! You will learn what it’s like to have a black man’s dick in your sweet red slutty mouth…” I did not even try to take it in my mouth; I just licked my tongue all around the head. Aurelia’s tongue had my cunt on fire… But she was even teasing me with that soft tongue…I was humping against her face, as my mouth was open and Don was pushing his cockhead in. I wanted to push him back, afraid he would choke me. But Aurelia grabbed my hands and held them to my sides. The man pulled my hair and I opened my mouth to moan. Instead, I felt the black dick push into my throat, making me gag.Now Aurelia had my legs pushed up over her shoulders. All of a sudden, I began to cum. My body shook like never before. My mouth was full of dick and my cunt was being eaten in a way no other man had ever done. Even as I tried to scream out my release, I could only mumble and choke my sounds.Don pulled his dick from my mouth and Aurelia moved her mouth from my still throbbing cunt. Another shiver shook me as I came again. And then again I felt my pussy spasm. I had never experienced multiple orgasms before. Then Don stood up alongside the bed. He said to his black wife:”You know what I want now, you cheap slut…” “Please, Don, my asshole is still sore from this morning…” “You will tear me wide open. I’ll iddaa siteleri let you do anything else but that…” Don laughed out loud. “I will tear into that tight hole. Now get on your knees, you bitch”. I gasped in horror. That man was going to shove that huge cock up Aurelia’s ass. The black wife just obeyed him and moved around so that she was kneeling close to my head. I could smell the sweet aroma that came from that black heated cunt… Her body shook as Don slapped her across the ass. Aurelia just moaned softly. Over and over he smacked those soft ass cheeks.”Beg for it, slut.” The man yelled at her. And she pleaded:”Please shove that huge black dick up my ass… Make me cry…”Then I watched as he grabbed a jar of Vaseline. Smearing it on just the head of his dick, he looked at me as he dabbed a bit on his wife´s waiting rear tight orifice.She reached behind herself and grasped her cheeks, pulling them open. Don looked at me and our eyes locked.”Have you ever been fucked up your ass?” I nodded my reply and felt my face turning red. “Was the dick as big as mine, slutty girl?” He suddenly inquired.I swallowed; but then I decided to lie to him… “I’ve never had a dick as big as yours up my tight ass…”Then he ordered me to move under Aurelia´s body and suck her hard nipples. I nodded my head yes. I sucked her nipple in my mouth. I was sucking gently as Aurelia suddenly yelled at me:”Suck harder, you bitch…! or I will make Don shove his dick up your tiny white asshole…” Then I hurried to suck hard.And I heard her pain scream as her husband shoved his dick up her ass…The black wife wanted harder. With each thrust, she shouted yes. Meanwhile I sucked hard her dark nipples to fill my mouth.I felt strong hands pulling at my hair and I let the nipple slide from my mouth. I cried out in pain, as I was dragged by the hair. I was sent underneath that sensual black woman´s body. Without being told what to do, I wrapped my hands around her hips. Then I lifted my head until my mouth was close to her hairy cunt. The smell of sex was so powerful coming from that black cunt that I could hardly breathe. But afraid of the consequences, I pushed my mouth up into the hairy bush. The flood of cum juice that entered my mouth was more than I had expected. Then Aurelia began to rub my shaved mound as I slurped the thick cum that ran from her open slit.Don then sodomized his black wife even harder…He pulled his huge black cock back until just the tip was embedded in her ass. Then he shoved hard and fast, making her scream…Suddenly with a cry that shook the room, I heard Don cum… Then I felt Aurelia’s head pushing between my legs. Soon I could feel my body shivering and beginning to cum.The bed underneath me was becoming wet from the overflow. I could hear Aurelia sucking and slurping inside my hungry cunt.Then the bed shifted as Don lifted his weight from his sexy wife.Aurelia jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heard a loud sigh through the closed door.Don looked at me and I watched as his dick continued to shrivel. Even soft, he was bigger than my husband’s…He smiled at me and I smiled back at him. “I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I came real hard”.Don sent me to another bathroom to take a shower.Later I returned to the bedroom. Aurelia was still locked inside the bathroom; but her black husband Aaron was there, still naked, holding his erection in one hand.Do you like what you see, little white slut…?”. “Come here…”I approached close to him and then that huge black man put his strong arm around my waist and lifted me in the air.He threw me onto the bed and quickly made me get on all fours.Then he climbed up behind me. I could feel his huge hardened cock resting on my crack. He slapped my ass cheeks with his palm.Don pushed my head down the pillows and whispered in my ear:“Now it’s your choice, slutty Ana…pussy or ass…?”

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