A Big Surprise

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I’d say the last thing I expected from Russ was what happened in the stairwell that night, but that would mean the rest of the night was any less surprising.

Russ was one of my coworkers at the turnpike rest stop restaurant. Most of my coworkers were high school seniors like me. Russ was in his mid 20s and our lead fry cook. He was also supremely strange. But then again you’d have to be if your only apparent aspiration in life was to master sunny side up eggs in a go-nowhere town most people just stop in to refill gas and grab coffee on the way to a more interesting place.

I just didn’t get Russ. He wasn’t overtly dickish, but I didn’t get his sense of humor, he didn’t strike me as particularly bright, and he had a wicked temper. Probably had to do with his height; he was 5’4 tops (at 18 I had 6 inches on him). Buzzed dark hair, coal black eyes. Not someone you’d look at twice; he just breathed “working class dirtbag” in every way.

We were working the late shift on a weekday. We were alone in the restaurant, which wasn’t unusual because traffic was always non-existent this time of night. I was already taking care of my overnight prep, mopping floors, running the dishwasher, stocking the freezer for the morning. Russ had wrapped up cleaning the kitchen – one thing I’d always give him, the guy was obsessive about keeping the kitchen spic and span.

“Yo, Jack.”

I looked up. His voice was coming from the stairwell down to the basement. I hated that basement, it reminded me of a boiler room in a horror movie.

“What’s up Russ?”

“Jack, c’mere. Check this out.”

I propped the mop against the wall and walked over. Rounded the corner and there was Russ leaning back against the railing. The lighting was kinda dim (like I said, horror movie boiler room, or, more specifically, the insanely creepy metal stairwell leading to it).

When I finally got close enough to see what he was doing I froze. I am certain my mouth dropped open. Our work uniforms consisted of stained, baggy snap-button shirts and black pants; Russ usually wore combat boots while I opted for Doc Maartens after learning the hard way that Chuck Taylors and recently mopped floors are a bad match.

Russ was standing there with his work shirt open. Scandalous right? Yeah, that’s not why I was so startled. What shocked me was his chest. First, I had never seen a guy in real life who was ripped like that. Second, I had ever even remotely wondered what Russ’ chest might look like, let alone ever imagined he had THAT going on.

I just stood there, mouth agape. We made eye contact and he smirked. “Check this out.”

He was making his pecs move. Mind you he was a little guy and wiry, thin, but his chest was unbelievable. Solid muscle, cut so sharply I couldn’t even imagine how he got that way.

I moved closer.

“Pretty cool, huh?”

I think said, “Yeah” but it came out more like a croak. “Dude… I… how did you? I mean… dude.”

I was right in front of him and couldn’t get over the strange feeling that he was taller. Or something. I barely ever thought of Russ as a “guy” let alone a “man.” His shirt was hanging open, still covering his shoulders and somewhat obscuring his pecs and I couldn’t stop staring. His chest was mostly hairless, a few dark strands around nipples the size of dimes. The movement he created was slight but mesmerizing.

I looked at his face again and he was grinning. “Pretty awesome huh?”

I nodded and returned my gaze to his chest.

“You can touch `em if you want, doesn’t bother me.”

I glanced in his eyes again, wondering if this wasn’t going to result in me getting my ass kicked.

“Go for it dude. It’s cool.”

I lightly touched my fingers to his chest. The pulsing from the movement he created felt strange, but awesome. Up to this point I had never touched another guy – or girl – like this. He was warm. I could feel his heartbeat. His pecs felt just as solid as they looked, like granite. Warm granite.

I exhaled slowly. “Dude, I had no idea you… you obviously lift weights. All of them.”

Russ grinned. “Yep. You never noticed these?” He lifted his arms and flexed. Even with the baggy, undone shirt his biceps appeared to double in size.

“Jesus,” I muttered. Without thinking about it my hands moved up to his arms. They felt like steel cables. One of my hands slipped under the fabric. I wasn’t exactly massaging him, I was still too surprised and more than a little scared to touch him forcefully. With his arms lifted the shirt finally opened enough to fully expose his chest.

So reality check

: 10 minutes ago I was mopping floors thinking about a history final and wishing it was 11pm so I could clock off. Now I had my hands around my oddball coworker’s biceps staring at his jaw-droppingly incredible naked chest. And I was possibly drooling. That’s when I noticed the abs. Being a head taller than him they didn’t get my attention at first.

“Jesus H. Christ, dude.”

He looked down to see what I was looking at. He had a proud grin on his face. “Ever seen isveçbahis yeni giriş anything like `em?”

“Shit no.” I counted eight distinct abdominal muscles. A literal washboard.

“Go ahead Jacky,” he said. “Get a closer look.”

Again I eyed him. I wasn’t sure where this was going but I was now wishing the clock would stop so I could take my time examining him.

“It’s cool dude,” Russ whispered. “Nobody’s here, it’s all good. I don’t do 300 sit-ups a day to not be proud of `em.”

I slowly eased myself down to a squatting position. Russ angled himself a bit so what dim light we had would fall on his abs. Doing so made his shirt slip off his shoulders and gather around his forearms as he leaned back on the railing.

Crouching down was the first time in several minutes I became aware of my own body. My cock was hard as a rock. I was pretty sure I was leaking pre-cum. I hoped to god he didn’t notice.

My face was just a few inches away from his stomach. I was trying to not breathe too hard. I reach my hand out and stopped, looking at him again for permission.

He smiled and nodded. “Go for it dude. Feel `em up. It’s cool.” A placed my fingertips lightly on his abs. He flinched. I looked up again and he was smiling. “Ticklish.” I retuned his smile and placed both hands on his hips. My thumbs traced their way across his abs one by one from his waist up. He had a light dusting of dark hair down the middle. I couldn’t believe how solid he felt.

His breathing had gotten heavier, matching mine. When my hands returned to his pecs I noticed his nipples were standing at attention. Without realizing what I was doing I tweaked them at the same time. Russ moaned, “Yeah.”

“Sorry,” I muttered breathlessly.

“Don’t be sorry dude. Do that again.” I did. He exhaled deeply. “Fuck, that feels good.”

I slowly worked my hands back down his stomach. I was staring at his crotch. The heavy black material of his work pants made it impossible to tell if he was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Are you…” my voice trailed off. “Are your legs…”

Russ chuckled quietly. “Hell yeah dude. Lots more muscle going on down there.”

I blushed. “I didn’t mean… I mean… I just…”

“Dude!” he hissed. “If I wanted to kick your ass I’d have done it by now. How many times do I have to say it’s cool? I’m liking this.”


“Hell yeah. The way you’re touching me I can tell you appreciate my bod. It’s all good. I like that.”

My hands went to his calves. Even covered in thick material they felt as hard as the rest of him. I slowly worked my way up to his thighs. We were both breathing heavy now. A light coat of sweat covered his chest and arms making his muscles stand out even more.

“Can I… ” I still couldn’t bring myself to put a sentence together.

“Wanna see more?”


For the first time he looked around. We still hadn’t heard the doorbell ding that we had a customer, but Russ clearly had a moment of clarity. Him standing there shirtless with me massaging him was one thing; him mostly naked was something else.

He looked down at me. I looked up at him. Then I redirected my gaze straight to his crotch.

He smiled and whispered, “If you wanna see more, go for it dude.”


“Hell yeah. Gotta warn you though, once these pants come down I don’t think you’re gonna notice my legs.”



I slowly reached up and tugged at his belt. I moved from a squatting position to my knees or else I was going to pass out. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. Reality Check


Getting someone else’s belt open was something I’d never done before. It took some fumbling. I could also tell there was something else super hard going on with him in the crotch area. I got his belt open and snapped the button on his pants. I slowly pulled his zipper down. Yes, there was definitely something very hard, and apparently big, going on under there.

I slowly pulled his pants around his waist. He had boxers on. The thin material was no match for his cock, the head of which was poking out of his waistband.

“Holy shit.” I whispered. I looked up at Russ. He wasn’t smiling any more; his eyes were focused on me. I froze.

Russ took my hands in his and brought them to the waistband of his boxers. He started slowly pushing them down. “Go ahead dude. Check me out all you want. Take your time.”

I pushed his boxers the rest of the way down until they were bunched up on his pants at his knees. I stopped breathing. All I could do was stare.

Russ’s half-exposed chest was mesmerizing. Almost completely naked he was indescribable. His cock, like the rest of his body, was perfect. Until that moment the only hard cock I’d ever seen was mine. I was more than happy with mine, which is a perfect 7 inches and thick. His was simply beautiful. Longer than mine and twice as thick. His balls were full, round orbs. His pubes were naturally, perfectly formed to create a frame around his magnificent tool, which looked isveçbahis giriş painfully hard, arcing toward his belly button.

I finally exhaled.

Russ chuckled softly again. “Like my legs?”

I just stared at his cock. “What legs?”

“Go ahead dude.”

I looked up at him once again for permission.

He smiled. “I haven’t stopped you from feeling up every inch of my bod so far. I’m sure as hell not gonna stop you from touching another eight inches.”


“Well, eight and half.”


“Ever see one that big before?”

I shook my head.

“Go ahead dude. It’s all yours.”


“Hell yeah. You’re enjoying this as much as I am, ain’t ya?”

I nodded.

“Touch it.”

For the first time in my life I touched a hard cock other than my own. It felt awesome. I pulled it down so it stuck obscenely perpendicular to his body. His cock would be huge on a guy twice his size; on him it looked unreal.

I slowly started stroking it. There was a ton of pre-cum oozing from the pronounced head that quickly coated my hand, lubricating it. I could barely close my fingers around its thickness. Russ moaned loudly. “Fuck. Dude that feels so good.”

I realized, with some surprise, how happy that made me. I was doing something to him that made him moan. I was doing something to his cock that made him feel incredible.

Throwing all caution to the wind I instinctively opened my mouth and leaned forward. I lightly licked the tip of his dick.

Russ moaned again. “Fuck yeah, dude.”

Emboldened, I put the head of his cock in my mouth and closed my lips around it. It felt hot, literally and figuratively. I could feel his pulse on my tongue.

Russ’ moans were non-stop now. “Fuck yeah, Jack. Go for it dude.”

I slowly slid more of his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t come close to fitting it all in, and my hand continued to stroke the part I couldn’t. His hips started lightly thrusting. I felt like I was in a different world. All I wanted was that cock. All I wanted was to please him. I wanted to make him come. The intensity of the first blowjob I ever gave was intoxicating.

My sucking and stroking became more intense, but I tried to keep my pace slow and steady. I was savoring this too much for it to end quickly. Unfortunately, a cock being pleasured – particularly one being pleasured as relentlessly as I was doing – usually works on a faster timeline.

“Fuck!” Russ hissed and yanked his hips away from my mouth, pushing my head back. It was the only time he touched me other than when he encouraged me to slide his boxers down.

“What?” I asked. I was startled, confused, surprised to have my trance broken.

“Dude, you’ve got me so fucking close!”

“That was the idea dummy.” I couldn’t mask my disappointment.

“I almost shot in your mouth.”

“I wanted you to.”

Russ looked dumbstruck. “Seriously?”

I nodded. I stared at his tool and licked my lips.

“You want me to come in your mouth?”

“Yeah, dude.”

Russ grinned. “I wasn’t expecting you to want my load.”

“I want your load dude.”

He smirked again. “Well if you keep talking like that I guess I’m gonna have to give it to you.”

I pressed my hands against his stomach and slowly worked them up his abs again. The sweat from his body made the trip even more awesome. I was able to press harder, fully massaging him now. I reached his pecs again. My thumbs and forefingers returned to his nipples.

Russ moaned. “Fuck dude.”

I tweaked his nipples, much harder this time. I stared into Russ’ eyes. “Please, sir. Please let me suck you off?”

“Hell yeah,” he whispered. He was slowly stroking himself.

“I want to make you come Russ. I want you to feel your cock shooting inside my mouth. I want to taste your come. I want to swallow your load. Please, Russ? Will you let me do that?”

His returned his hands to the railings and arched his back, presenting his body in all its glory to me once again. “I gotta warn you Jacky. When I come a shoot a lot.”


“I’m serious dude. When I jack off I usually hit myself in the face with it. If I’m crazy turned on I hit the headboard. And I don’t think I’ve ever been as turned on as I am right now.”

“Good.” I continued to massage his chest. Whenever I tweaked his nipples his cock would bob and throb and pre-come was streaming from the head.

“My loads are heavy too, real thick. You won’t be able to take it all.”

“That sounds like a challenge.”

“I ain’t teasing you dude, just want to make sure you know what you’re asking for.”

I leaned forward with my mouth open. I relaxed my throat this time. I ended with my nose in his pubes. Russ moaned, “Oh my god…” I don’t know who was more shocked I didn’t gag, him or me.

That’s all it took. It felt like his whole body was coming. I felt the first blast from his cock fire straight down my throat. He was writhing, holding onto the railing for balance and sanity. “Oh my fuck, oh Christ.”

I isveçbahis güvenilirmi could feel his cock pulsing like a cannon. I slowly eased back on the throttle. I needed to taste it. My tongue danced around the underside of his cock. I continued to suck it while as it fired off one shot after another. I kept swallowing. I didn’t bother keeping track of how many jets of his hot, delicious come went off in my mouth, but it had to be eight or nine.

He leaned forward, out of breath. “Holy shit.”

I licked his cock dry to make sure I got any remaining drops out.

“I’m lightheaded,” he whispered.

“Me too.”

“That was unbelievable dude.”

I smiled at him and licked my lips. “Beginners luck.”

He looked dumbstruck for the second time. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

I shook my head with pride.

“That was your first?”


“You motherfucker.”

We both started laughing.

I stood up and realized at some point I jizzed in my pants. I adjusted myself. “I dunno Russ. I think I’m going to have to practice some more so I get good at it.”

Russ beamed. “Jacky boy, you hot son of a bitch. You can practice anything you want with me.”

We finished cleaning the restaurant and getting it set for the night shift, who arrived about 15 minutes later. Russ and I clocked off and headed out to the parking lot in silence. Suddenly it felt weird between us. Or maybe I just felt weird. It had been one hell of an eventful night.

“You, uh, want a lift home?” Russ asked.

“Nah.” I looked at him. He seemed vaguely hurt. “My car’s here. And my mom’s home. Or, well, she will be.”

“That’s cool.”

He walked over to his pickup. “So, uh, when you working again?”


I don’t know what was going through my mind. I was confused, a little scared, but I didn’t – couldn’t – let him just walk away like nothing happened. I walked over to his truck and put my hand on his arm. That solid, steel cable bicep flexed in my hand. “Russ?”

He faced me. Tears were in his eyes. I didn’t expect that.

“Russ? Dude.”

He hugged me. I hugged him back. His grip tightened.

“I like you Jacky.”

“I like you too man.”

He looked up at me. It was this strange role reversal, him being the one looking up at me with a pleading look in his eye. I leaned in and kissed him. Lightly at first, then harder. Our mouths opened. Tongues intertwined. Feeling the warmth of his body pressed against me, and that… was that… yep. That’s definitely what I think it is getting harder against my thigh. It wasn’t alone. I felt Russ’ hands move aggressively down to my butt. He squeezed my cheeks hard. I moaned into his mouth.

I broke the kiss and popped the buttons upon on his shirt again. He dug in deeper, pushing my ass forward, shoving our waists together, pressing our bodies closer. “Fucking hell, Jacky.”


He eyed me hungrily.

“Please tell me you have a mattress in the back of this pickup.”

“You gotta get home Jacky.”

“Mom’s on the late shift. I’ve got time to kill.”

He grinned like a wolf about to devour a rabbit and smacked my ass.

We walked to the back and popped the hatch. It wasn’t much more than a regular cab on the back of a pickup, not much room to move around without bumping your head, but then I was prepared for us to remain horizontal. Or at least thought I was. There was no turning back.

I climbed into the cab with Russ close behind. He slammed the door shut. It was pretty dark outside, and the cool breeze of the spring night evaporated completely in the stifling air trapped in the cab.

We were on each other like animals. Making out like madmen. He was shoving tools and crap out of the way while I tore his shirt off. He laid on top of me. There was a drop cloth beneath me. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing to lie on but it was better than dirty metal.

He took my head in his hands. Our eyes had adjusted to the darkness. The bright lights from the empty restaurant parking lot filtered through the narrow windows in the cab. He straddled my waist and leaned back. I slowly, tenderly kissed his neck as I slid his shirt completely off. We were both sweating now, and I used his sweat to my advantage to massage his chest some more.

I undid his belt – quicker this time now that I knew what I was doing. Undid his pants and reached inside. There it was.

Russ moaned. His chest was glistening, the light from the parking lot giving him a bluish tone. He looked unbelievably sexy. I slowly, methodically stroked his cock, which was back in its awesome, painfully hard upright position.

“Yeah, Jacky,” he whispered. “You got it dude. That’s all yours.”

I smiled wickedly.

“Hang on a sec,” he muttered and got off my waist, hitting his head on the roof in the process. He fell back on haunches and struggled to get his boots unlaced. There was nothing elegant or sexy about how he got the rest of his clothes off, but he was damn fast so I was happy. “Here, get up.”

I crab-crawled toward the back of the cab as Russ edged his way up the cloth. He grabbed his clothes and piled them laid down as a makeshift pillow. “Close your eyes Jacky.”

I did as I was told. I could feel my heart pounding. The scent of our combined sweat filled the air.

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