A Betting Proposal


I found myself lying comfortably, but securely tied to a metallic frame in the shape of an ‘X’, or the Saint Andrew’s cross as what Luther had told me a few days ago. Completely naked and bound, i realized just how exposed i was. My hands and legs were parted to align to the shape, literally helpless at the mercy of my best friend, Luther. I should’t have agreed to this.

Well, before this started, let me rewind the story and look back into a little history between us. Luther and I have been best friends for 5 years. Actually, more like best friend for benefits. We would have casual sex once in a while when we were singles. But if any of us got a partner, we would temporarily forgo the ‘benefit’ part, until we both hit back our single lives. Nevertheless, we were never a couple. Friends forever!

We were at the bar a few days ago, talking, bitching and ranting about stuffs. Basically that’s what we did most of the time when we were in the bar. And often than not, we would bet on silly things, i.e. like who’s going to the toilet first or who would get hit on first, or whose drink the bartender would serve first although that usually was me, or who could hold on the longer without going to the toilet. And the things we bet for were drinks where the loser had to buy. I felt really happy to be with him.

But this time, instead of buying drinks, Luther came up with an idea, that the loser would have to do whatever the winner says. He had a new BDSM gadget that he’s been dying to try, but just the looks of it makes girls run the other way. He’s been awfully descriptive of the cross, which came with an astounding six thousand dollar price tag, that I blanched in disbelief. Nevertheless, he came up with a bet, a simple bet on whether the channels will be in odd number, or even, and tragically, i lost.

Therefore, i found myself agreeing to his demonic motives and feeling of remorse on why i took the bet in the first place. I’d had sex with him many times, too many to count, but it’s always vanilla. Sweet, loving, sensual and well…admittedly, kind of boring. But never did our sexual activity had reached such a state.

After tying me, he left to prepare himself. I had no idea what he had on his mind but it’s definitely something that i wouldn’t be fond of. Well, at least for now since I knew just how great sex was with Luther.

“Come on Luther! What’s taking you so long? It’s cold down here!” i protested loudly in the wine cellar under his mansion. Yes, he had a mansion. This friend of mine is a rich bastard. How else did he get the money to buy this big well-polished metallic cross from? And I didn’t even know he was rich until five months ago.

The sound of my voice bounced off the hard gray wall, echoing across the racks of expensive wine arranged perpendicularly from me. I’m smacked in the middle of the wine cellar.

The moment finally came when Luther walked into the wine cellar.

“Sorry for the delay, had to get all the things i will be using on you.” he walked into my view, with a bundle of stuff he struggled to contain with his both arms.

He was wearing only a pair of jeans. Every inch of his lean abs were quickly becoming food for my eyes. Damn, he’s kind of sexy. Who wouldn’t think so? Rich and well built, silk like brown hair that’s been trimmed hanging on his perfectly figured facial structure. Some even find it strange that i never wanted to be in a relationship with him.

“That’s a lot of stuff. It’s better be safe or i’m going to kill you later.” i scowled at him, warning him of my ferocity when i get out.

“Don’t worry. It’s expensive, so i guess it’s safe. But i can’t guarantee that it won’t hurt.” he said with a ghostly smirk while carefully lowering those tools on the ground, essentially away from my sight.

“Hey! What’s that suppose to mean?” i swallowed. I tested the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. It was clear that I was not going anywhere until Luther let me.

“Now now, you’ve lost the bet fair and square. Be a good girl and suck it up.” he smiled wickedly at me, his eyes burning with unconstrained lust that i could feel it burning my skin. The coldness of the cellar faded from my sensory radar, replaced with an unexplained of excitement starting to build up in my stomach. I felt intimidated, yet slightly aroused. “And besides, we are in a wine cellar. No one will hear you calling for help.” he breathed into my ear.

“Damn you, Luther. Stop that perverted tone. I’m not used to you being like that.” i stuttered as his voice reverberate through me. Why am i so hot?

“Which one’s better? The old Luther, or the new Luther?” he bit my ear softly as he sexily breathed those words into my ear.

“Stop that! I’m serious.” i warned with a giggle, but deep down, i knew i liked the new Luther, definitely the new Luther.

“Oh. You think i was joking?” his voice was stern, a sternness that I’ve never heard, as he stared at me like a hungry predator playing with its prey. I was the prey.

Before i could say anything more, his fingers glided down my slender body and danced between my opened legs. I gasped out of surprised. I looked at him. His look was very different from the Luther i know, very carnal, very…male! Without a warning, he pinched my clitoris, sending wild ripples of hotness and lust throughout my body. I yelped loudly.

I tried to shut my legs as my involuntary instinct sprang into action, to protect my pussy from the assault, but all i got was a meek jerk. Left bared and opened, his fingers uninterruptedly continued their sweet delicious torture on my clitoris, pinching, rubbing, tugging the soft innocent nub at his leisure.

“God. Luther!” I exhaled a warning at him. My body tensing up against the surgical torture of my sex. I tried to block out the rolling waves of pleasure, tried to remain unaffected by his touch. Tried. But failed.

“Luther. Stop.” I bit my lip in hope that the pain would mask away the ache between my legs.

He moved up to my face, his eyes burning with passion. I sucked in a breath as I saw the determination in his eyes. I was his passion. To play it cool, I rolled my eyes.

“Stop staring, you pervert.” i croaked. My voice heavy with lust.

He flicked my nub with his finger and I hitched like a bitch in heat.

“Who’s the pervert here?” he smirked.

Damn it, i couldn’t contained myself. His smirk was as deadly as his fingers on my clitoris. His free hand moved up and cupped on my chin, gently forced my lips to meet his. As he landed his warm tasty lips on mine, his fingers stop teasing my tortured bud and instead, plunged deep into the wet welcoming orifice that’s been dying to be invaded.

The synchronous combo of kissing and fingering sent my body into violent spasm. I’m going crazy. His tongue worked in perfect harmony with the two fingers inside escort service me. The carnal sensation, happening on both sets of my lips were simply irresistibly overwhelming. I couldn’t focus. Him tasting and teasing, taking every advantage from my defenseless body. Oh God, I’m melting!

Suddenly, he stopped, removing his lips from me, as well as his fingers. I swear that if he doesn’t stop, i would have come right there and then, violently.

“Look at you, all wet and naughty.” he mocked me with the very fingers he put inside me just now, waving the soaking wet appendages near my face. I could even smell my own juice as i panted for air.

“Let see how you taste.” he grinned before putting the fingers into his mouth. My heart lurched. I stopped breathing. Luther had never been this…this sexy before. Him tasting my pussy juice like it was honey. My core clenched at the erotic scene.

“Stop! It’s dirty!” i managed to recover from my brief mental meltdown. I never would have thought watching my best friend taste my most intimate part with such passion could be so fucking arousing. This was mind blowing and it was not fair for him to do that to me.

“You taste fine.” he kissed me on my cheek. “I think i should get more out of you.” he sinfully whispered.

Get more out of me? How? I squirmed at his choice of words as the butterflies in my stomach spread their wings and took flight.

Luther casually retreated back to the pile of tools where he placed them on the ground. From that pile, he took out a white vibrator wand. He flipped the switch and the vibrator buzzed to life.

“Wait! Stop it Luther. That’s enough.” I struggled against my restraints.

Luther strolled back to where i was and knelt down so that his head was beside my ear. “I’m going to make your little pussy come so much you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” i could feel his smiling lips on my face.

“Stop it now! I’m seri—AHHH!”

He pressed the vibrating head on my wet pussy, forcing my tortured clit as well as my shaved bare pussy to take the wrath of the vibration.

“This baby is expensive, battery powered. Doesn’t need a troublesome cord. Don’t worry, it can last up to 4 hours.” his murmured on my face, which for some reason, my blood boiled to his assurance that he would make me come.

Out of reflex, my legs straightened as much as possible to limit the space between my leg, or perhaps to clamp my thigh on the vibrator to reduce the vibrations. Despite my body’s effort, the gap was still far too wide to created any tangible resistance to his intention. I remained spread, my pussy helplessly puckered against the vibrating head.

Luther then rubbed the vibrator along my sex at an even pace, making sure that every inch of my sex was well stimulated. Seeing my nipples enlarged and hardened from the merciless torture, Luther mouthed over one of them, and licked it, in a languid, sensual, circular motion. Not letting the other one go unattended, his other hand moved up and began pinching and teasing it. My mind blanked immediately.

This was so not fair. I could do anything but to absorb every thing he put in my way. And boy was I hot. This was not the Luther I knew. And yet, I loved this new Luther very much.

Finally, the inevitable feeling soon came to my realization. The butterflies faded from my stomach, replaced with pure intense arousal, bulging with bursting pressure. I arced my back. My muscles tightened, pulling my legs against the unbreakable cuffs, my stomach clenched, and my eyes rolled back.

“Fuck!” I squealed in ecstasy.

I came violently, rocking my hips up and down as my body spasm from the over-stressing of my muscles. My pussy throbbed in sweet agony. My head swirled as though I was just hit by a category 5 hurricane.

He flipped the switch to off, killing the torture machine. “Hmm. You’ve came.” he pecked my cheek lightly, as though i had just done something praise worthy, like I was a little girl deserving a kiss for being obedient. “Now, let’s clean your pussy up.” he added with a smirk.

I shook my head to refuse as i was too short of breath to speak. All i wanted was for him to leave me alone, especially my throbbing pussy. However, he ignored my plead, and went between my legs. Once again, he knelt down for his head to be on the same level as me.

I lifted my head to see what he’s up to, only to find his head located exactly where my sex was. I could see where this was going.

His fingers pressed on both of my redden lips and parted them away to reveal the honey pot behind those tortured lips. I couldn’t see what he’s doing exactly, but i could tell he was licking my sex. But what more can i do? All i could do was to lie there and try to rest while he tastes my private place to his heart’s content, like a hungry bear mauling on the honey comb. Licking my sex thoroughly until it’s completely clean.

He took his time in cleaning with his tongue, not letting any stone unturned… or spot unlicked.

“How long are you going to lick? Let me go now!” i tried to rat my way out.

“Emm…Well, i’m done licking. Anyway, have you ever had anal sex?” he asked calmly. Oh, the old Luther was back.

“What?!” i uttered in surprised.

“You haven’t, have you? I remembered you’ve said you kick someone in the balls for trying to fuck you in the ass. Right?” he clarified.

“Come on now Luther. You’re joking right?” My voice cracked.

“No, actually, I’m not. And since you can’t kick for now.” he smirked wildly.

“Hey! This has gone too far Luther. Stop!” i scolded loudly.

“Make me.” he continued to wear his wicked grin. I knew i was at disadvantage. I was the one tied up. I knew i need a different approach.

“Fine, i lost. How about i treat you drinks tomorrow? Or i give you more contacts of hot girls, better than me. Come on, just this once? Let me go.” i tried weasel my way out of this absurd situation.

“Hmm…i still think fucking your ass is better. I will be sure to use a lot of lubes.”

“Please! I begged you. I haven’t even got potty. It’s dirty, you won’t want to fuck me while I’m still filled with shit, do you?” i pleaded.

“Don’t worry, got that covered.” he held up a red plastic bucket on his left hand and a huge syringe made of glass on the right.

“Fuck you! I’m through with this! Let me go or i’ll ignore you for life.” i yelled.

“I think i really need to cover that hole.” he stood up, and his face turned back to the new perverse looking Luther. He took out a red ball gag and forced into my mouth. I clenched my teeth, not wanting to give way for the ball, but his hand pressed on my jaw, hard. Eventually, my mouth opened and the ball was secured with a black leather belt behind my neck.

I tried to speak, but all it came out was illegible sound. As independent escort dubai the same time, Luther kicked the bucket to positioned it below my ass. I began to feel terrified, and powerless as Luther began his uninterrupted preparation that doesn’t make sense to me. The syringe has no needle, only a blunt glass tip with a rubber cover.

From the ground, he picked up a large bottle of milk and poured into the empty syringe. I could clearly see the milk slowly filled the large tube. Finally, he capped the end with the pistol. The huge syringe took in half of the bottle. Still confused at his actions, i continued to yell curses that only i could understand at him.

Removing the rubber cover, he positioned himself between my trapped legs again. I squirmed in fear, knowing that he was going to do something to me.

“You will feel a bit weird. But it’s harmless.”

Everything became clear when his thumb pressed onto my anus, that i knew that syringe full of milk was to flush out my bowel, cleaning it, emptying the foul content so that his cock could fuck it. I rocked my hips vertically avoiding the tip of the syringe that he was trying to guide into me.

“Now, now. Be a good girl and stay still.”

“Fuck you!” i muffed through the gag. I was not going to back down for him.

“Sigh…i knew you would let me go in so easily, that’s why i brought these.” he gently put the syringe down, and from that pile, he picked up two metallic clips, with a rubber lamination on the mouth of the clips. And the end of these clips each hanged a round metallic ball.

In an instance, he climbed on top of my hips, using his body mass to secure me down. I tried to move, but his weight was simply too heavy for me to lift. Pinned by him, Luther pulled one side of my sex and set the clip on it, gripping a handful of my flesh. I yelled through the gag in agony. The pressure was unbearably painful as the weight of the ball pulled my lip down. Without showing any mercy, he installed the second clip on the other side of my sex, making me arcing my back in pain. I wailed.

“There. Now, if you move too much, it will hurt a lot more.” he looked at me as if i was an errant girl whom had just been caught stealing cookies out of the jar. I glared at him with murderous gaze as my eyes teared. I couldn’t believe he would do this to me.

He proceeded with his previous plan as he picked up the syringe from where he had left. With those agonizing clips biting on my sex, i could no longer put up any resistance to hinder his sick plan. He carefully plunged the tip into me. The tip was so well designed that i didn’t even felt it went in until the milk started to flow into me.

My eyes widen at the unrecognized feeling, i quickly looked at him, wanting to know what he’s doing that made me feel so weird, and so sinfully arousing. I could see him pressing on the piston, pushing it in to the syringe to force the milk into me.

Before i knew it, my belly started to feel painful, as if a horrible diarrhea was suddenly cast onto me. After the last drop of milk was pushed into me, he removed the syringe.

“I know you want to shit now. Come on, don’t be shy. That’s why i have a bucket here.” he uttered mockingly.

I tried my best to hold it in as i don’t want him to see me shit. A girl will never do such things in front of her best friend. I will hold it.

However, holding it in was simply impossible. Putting half a gallon of milk into one’s rectum was just too much. I shut my eyes tightly, feeling defeated, and released the trapped fluid inside me in full blast. Sounds of flatulence and the splashing of solid substance onto the bucket filled the room. I could die in embarrassment. My most private moments, was seen by my best friend, Luther. Though it was embarrassing, the releasing felt extremely good.

Foul smell began to caught by my nose. I knew it was from me. The smell was kind of bad, but Luther acted as if it’s nothing. Immediately after the disgraceful event, Luther began filling the rest of the milk in for another round. This time, i looked at him, somehow, i trusted him, knowing he won’t hurt me. Those things were just to make me felt powerless, to feel that i’ve submitted myself at his discretion.

After i sputtered out the second round of milk, i could felt my bowel had completely emptied. He cleaned my rectum. I even felt lighter.

“The main course, are you ready?” he smiled on me while lowering his blue denim. His manhood sprang free from his pants, swaying for a while before falling to a stop. It was huge as always.

“We can take these off now. Don’t want to hurt you while we fuck, do we?” He removed the clips from me, releasing my flesh that had already numbed.

Squirting out a healthy amount of lubricant, he applied it thoroughly on his massive length as well as my virgin anus. I felt the coldness and tensed at the thought of my ass being fucked. I had never been fucked in the ass before but I had heard stories how good it felt. And I was curious to find out now.

He moved closer until his length prodded on my tight hole. Teasingly, he thrust weakly to let me accustomed to the new paradigm we were about to explore. The lubricant was effective as i could feel my anus widen smoothly to accommodate the width of his tool.

After a few prods, part of his length sank into me. I could feel his twitching sex inside me, eager to plunge in deep to explore the unknown behind my tight anus. He leaned down so that his lips could find mine, but only to realized that i was gagged. One hand to keep himself stable, he used his other hand to untie the gag. The gag slid off from my watery mouth and dropped to the ground.

“Sorry, but i really wanted to fuck your ass. Can i?” he whispered softly.

“Do i have a choice?” i bit my lower lip, not wanting to admit to him that I too would want him fuck my ass.

He pressed forward, at the same time, kissing my lips passionately, fueling my sex drive even more as his length slowly dug deeper into me. Eventually, he was inside me. Every thick inch of him, right inside the place not even I’d touched. It felt awfully peculiar, the feeling of having my ass fucked, as those i was about to shit, and the shit just went back in.

My body sensed the intrusion and my anus began to clench to expel the intruder. However, instead of expelling the foreign object, the intruder found it sensually arousing as my inner wall muscles involuntarily milk his length. When he moved back, i almost thought i shitted, which made me gasped in surprised.

“Don’t worry, i’ve cleaned you up. You won’t shit things other than my cock.” he assured me. I could only stared at him, aroused by this mix of feelings.

He began to move up the pace and thrust harder on my opening. The lubricant kept the hole well lubed and welcoming Escort Girl Dubai for him to fuck. He moved back up, standing between my spread legs with his length still half way in. Using his left hand to grab my thigh, his right swung down in action and massaged my clitoris while continuing his fuckery over my tight orifice.

With my body still tied up, i soon found myself approaching another inescapable climax. With his thumb circularly teasing my clitoris and his merciless length violently unleashed it’s carnal invasion into my anus, my wits were destroyed, and my restrains on my orgasm unlocked.

Unable to control anymore, i came violently, clenching every single muscle cell on my body. I moaned loud beyond my limits. He growled, his hands held me tight as his throbbing cock reached a climatic release. I felt his hot cum filling me up, and with every twitch, more cum came out of him.

He removed his length from me, spilling some semen out that creamed the opening with white cloudy jelly. He kissed my lips and i welcomed his. I felt satisfied. Sexy, hot, lustful, and satisfied like a girl who got the latest edition of barbie.

“Do you like it?” he moaned.

“I don’t believe that i actually did.” i smiled.

“Let’s rest for a while.” he exhaled loudly.

“Okay. But can you release me now?”

“Sorry, but i can’t. I still have one last thing i need to do.”

“What would that be?” I scoffed.

“You will know later.” he smiled on my neck.

“Better don’t do anything funny, or else i’m really going to kill you.” i tried to threaten, but failed as we both knew that we would never harm each other.


“Are you on birth control?” he asked after about half an hour.

“No.” i uttered in confusion. I never took birth control. Condoms worked best and I would never fuck a man without one.

“I see.” he murmured softly, just barely audible.

He stood up and once again, move between my legs. Without hesitation, he expertly moisten my already dried sex with his soft tongue, pushing vast amount of saliva into my opening. After making sure my pussy was dripping wet, he rubbed his length outside the apex between my legs.

Oh God! He’s not going to…

“What are you doing?” i stuttered.

“Fucking you.” he said as the matter-of-factly.

“But i’m not on birth control.” I exhaled nervously.

“I know.” the tone was so frustrating i wanted to jump up and smack his thick skull.

“So wear a fucking condom, damn it.” i hissed.

“I don’t plan to.”

“I don’t trust removal technique. I don’t care how good you can control your ejaculation. Wear a bloody condom!” i reprimanded him.

“Who’s telling you i’m going to come outside of you?”

“You are not…oh god…tell me you are not trying to get me pregnant.” I pulled weakly against my restraints. Yes, it was a terrifying idea. But why the hell was my body burning up like a bloody roman candle.

He didn’t reply, he just stared calmly into my eyes. Yes…shit…fuck…he was going to get me pregnant. It didn’t make sense. Why would a rich guy like him would want to get me pregnant?

“Wait! You really want to make me pregnant? What good would that be to you?” i asked.

“It would make you my wife. And i’m going to marry you.” he’s lipped the words with love, enunciating his main intention to her. And in a moment of notice, he slammed his length into my unprotected sex, ramming and milking his length riskily on my fertile womb.

“Ahh….I haven’t….say….yes…” i said breathlessly.

“I won’t let you say no.” he said with confidence while savagely fucking my opening with his member.

My mind was just too wild to even begin processing thoughts. Him wanting to marry me? Get the fuck out of here. We’ve been friends all along. Been through many break ups and down turns together. I didn’t think he would want me as his wife. I was his bud, his pal, his fuck buddy…not his wife.

My mind went blank at the relentless speed he’s fucking me. Jamming his rod deep into my reluctant opening, forcing my lips to part to allow the massive thing to impregnate me. I lost. I couldn’t do anything. My legs were forced too far apart to defend my sex, and my hands were bounded from pushing him away. I was helplessly tied. And if I was honest to myself, I wanted him to impregnate me. I wanted him to pour his seeds inside me and claimed me for his own. To be his.

With no intention to stop until he comes, i found myself hot for another orgasm. I stared at him with a blushed red face while my eyes circled around trying to focus on him. He quickly bent down and kissed my lips, pushing my head back on the cross.

I can feel his carnal roar from his mouth, and feel the tenacity of his tongue harassing mine while i was helplessly being fucked.

“Open and take me.” he roared into my ear.

Lost of breath, i shook my head to disapprove the idea. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t have the time, nor the capacity to calculate the risk of being his wife, or the benefit for that matter. I could only feel the raw thrust that churning my inside, rubbing its violent strike against the wall of my inside, violating me. I could only feel the need at the back of my head, the voice, coaxing me to let myself be his.

“I’m cumming.” he breathed.

For an instance, i couldn’t make up what he said as i was too busy containing the overflowing feelings that flooded my orgasm meter. My eyes rolled back, and my spine arced beautifully, seeking leverage to contain my orgasm.

His thrust grew faster and faster, forcing me over my limits. I soon came explosively, squirting out the trapped fluid inside me to celebrate my orgasm. My muscle clenched on his length hard, triggering him in a massive ejaculation that filled my inside with his seeds. I could feel his rod twitching inside, happily milked by my sex, and satisfyingly fulfilling its mission of impregnating me.

“Are you going to marry me?” he panted.

I squirmed, and snuggled on his head and biting his ear softly.

“Did you bribe the bartender to switch the channel to odd number?” i asked breathlessly.

“I did.” he confessed.

“So all about ‘girls scared of this cross’ is just bullshit, and you bought this cross to rape me.”

“I won’t say it’s rape, since i had your consent.”

“I didn’t consent for anal sex, nor impregnation if i recall.”

“Those are trivial details.”

“Asking me to marry you is the main thing, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Indeed. Like my proposal?”

“Your proposal sucks!” i laughed a bit.

“So, will you marry me?”

“If you can make me pregnant, i will marry you.” i whispered bluntly as i know, marrying my best friend won’t be a bad idea after all.

“I guess i have to keep you tied up and fuck you for a week until you get pregnant, don’t we.” he cooed breathlessly.

I smiled wickedly at him and wiggled my pussy at him.

“Give me your best.”

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