7 To Bee or Not to Bee


(FFM action. Bisexual female. Some interracial. Enjoy.)


With a grand sweep of my left arm, I pushed aside my balcony door. With no appreciation of dramatic moments, the two meter glass door slid about 15 centimeters and stopped. Sighing at the cussedness of life, I shifted to put my weight behind my arm and pushed the door along the full length of its track. I pulled it back and forth a few times to work the crud out. Satisfied I had woken the thing from winter hibernation, I returned to position.


I stepped on to my balcony and into Spring. I had never felt Spring from this apartment. I had never been on this balcony since I moved in last November. I inhaled the fresh air and reveled in a view unhindered by glass of the Avalon Apartments parking lot and back alley. Between the two apartment buildings directly opposite, I could see a pretty nice slice of rising urban hillside. The trees lining the streets had begun to flex their greenery. I took another satisfied breath of warm, not-booger-freezing air.

Time for part two! I skipped back inside and hauled out my brand new cheap plastic patio chairs and table. Any colour you like, as long as it’s white. I introduced them to their new home on the balcony, making wild promises of potted plants to keep them company. Part three involved fetching a book, a frosty decanter of beer, a bowl of heavily-salted crunchies and sitting in a sunbeam.

I had no sooner eased my butt on to the cool, virgin plastic of my chair than a voice called out.

“Look at you, Mr. Man of Leisure!”

I stood back up and looked down three storeys at the parking lot. Leslie Ann Poirer waved, giving me her full smile. Leslie Ann made everyone feel like they were a friend that she hadn’t seen in a month. That bright, wide smile alone could make a statue smile back. The luscious, mature curves that jiggled in her sundress could make a statue pop an erection. I was no statue and my shorts started to get tight. I had never seen Leslie Ann in a light, happy dress. In winter sweaters and stark naked, yes, but never in a teasing outfit that hid just enough and promised more.

I leaned my elbows on the wrought iron rail. Three storeys is close enough to talk without shouting, at least in this mid-morning traffic lull. “The only perk of freelancing is setting my own hours. This is me, doing that.”

Her husband, and co-building manager, Kyle came into sight carrying a pair of suitcases. He wore khaki shorts and polo shirt in honour of the new weather. His trim body and outfit didn’t do nearly as much for me as did Leslie Ann. He gave me a friendly nod nevertheless, focusing on loading the car.

?”You two going off to see the wizard? Or just running away from home?”

Leslie Ann’s smile twinkled from “sunny neighbour” to “saucy slut”. “This wicked witch is taking her favourite flying monkey to a spa in Emerald City. It’ll be quite a convention of witches.” She winked.

Whew. That innuendo wouldn’t mean much to any eavesdroppers, but knowing what I knew about Leslie Ann and Kyle, my imagination sent blood spiking into my groin.

“Kyle! Where do I sign up to join the flying monkey corps?”

He laughed as he climbed into the car. “Some of the chaps won’t survive the weekend, so the recruiting drive is coming soon. I’ll let you know.” Leslie Ann dimpled, winked again and climbed in her side. The horn tooted as they pulled away.

I exhaled a long breath and sat back down, propping my right foot on the railing, my bare toes playing with the iron curlicues. I gave my twitching cock a discreet adjustment in my shorts, feeling it pulse against my thigh. I took sip of beer and crunched some chips, daydreaming lustful daydreams of the action at that spa this weekend. My cock continued to rise as I pictured steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis and a lot of naked people.

I gave my head a shake. This wouldn’t do at all. My girlfriend, family and neighbours were all scattered to the compass this weekend. For all its other downsides, at least during winter people tended to stay put. Warm weather meant a lot of empty nests. Warm weather also meant a lot of churning hormones, judging by the way “Mr. Happy” was refusing to subside. All stiffed up and nowhere to dunk.

I smiled and sipped some more beer, leaning back and closing my eyes to the soothing sun…

A female shriek went off like siren almost in my ear. It jolted me like a cattle prod. I flailed my arms as the tipping chair overbalanced backwards. My foot snagged a moment in the iron curls, stopping any chance of recovery. I landed in a tangle of plastic, bounced against the glass door and on to the concrete deck. The mug hit beside me, flinging its suds all over my face and chest. The table tipped over, sending a full bowl of chips wafting over me like a salt&vinegar blizzard.

“shit” I wheezed as I fought to suck air back into me. After a three second eternity, I gulped down a lungful. “SHIT!” That helped, but didn’t quite do it. subayevleri escort “FUCK!”

I lay there a moment, waiting for any part of my body to explode with pain. Nothing. Probably have some aching bruises this time tomorrow, but so far so good.

“Are you okay, Jack?”

The low, feminine voice almost didn’t make it through the pounding blood in my ears. I wiped some soggy chips off my face and looked over. A face featuring wide, horrified green eyes peered around the brick partition that separated my balcony from the mirror-opposite balcony of my neighbours. Her expression contorted through a swirl of worry, guilt, and embarrassment.

I levered myself upwards to a sitting position. Still no gasps of pain. Just the stink of wasted beer. Chips crunched under my butt. I looked up at her concern. “Everything seems good.” I hauled myself slowly to my feet, with the help of the railing. “And it’s ‘Zach’.”

I plucked at the sticky t-shirt, then growled and peeled the thing right up and off. I wadded the sopping cloth into a ball. “How about you, Rachel?”

“Me?” I thought Rachel’s face had been flushed before, but a deeper red crept over her pale, freckled skin. I try to keep in shape, but there are no chiseled abs to cause a woman to flutter and swoon. She must be feeling the exertion of leaning far enough to see out and around the partition.

“Yes. It was you that tried to break every window on the block just now, wasn’t it?” I squatted and picked up the chip bowl. I plopped the shirt ball into it, the better to keep beer from dripping everywhere.

“Urgh, yes.” Her eyes snapped up to my face and she winced. “I had the balcony door wide for the air and then a bee flew in. I screamed and jumped outside. I slammed the door shut.”

“A bee.”

“A BIG bee.”

“A big bee. Right, then.” The pause lengthened. A truck rumbled down the alley. “Well, I’m going to start cleaning up here. Have a good day.”


I went inside with a careful, steady walk. I tried to keep my mind blank. Part of me wanted to bellow like a groin-kicked grizzly bear. Another part of me knew this would be crazy funny by the end of the weekend. I didn’t want to indulge either right now, so I worked to keep an even keel.

What I knew about my through-the-wall-neighbours could fit on a business card, and most of that by secondhand chatter from Leslie Ann as building manager. The university kept the apartment on a retainer-lease to billet visiting professors who rated more than a student dorm room. Dr. Stephanie “Stevie” Wald and Dr. Rachel Hakalski moved in between Christmas and New Year’s to start “eight months of science in five months time” (quote/unquote). They were in their late-ish twenties, fresh out of being students themselves, and seemed pretty dedicated to the job. This would explain why I hadn’t gotten more than a minimal introduction and exhausted hello’s grunted while passing in the elevator.

As an added wrinkle, one had been raised and educated on Hawaii, the other in Florida. Lucky pups. And their first introduction to winter came as a blizzard that set even we Canadians back on our asses. I couldn’t really blame them for being bundled balls of fleece and flannel every time I saw one or the other at the mailboxes. Today’s Spring weather had got me grinning. They must feel like escapees from a POW camp.

I reached the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. It was my turn to blush. Rachel might not have had rock pecs to swoon over, but the beer had created a “Wet Ratty Old Shorts Contest”. My eggs and sausage stood out pretty plainly against the soaked material. Oops.

Letting a grudging little chuckle out, I peeled down and climbed into the shower. I decided on only a quick rinse, because cleaning the mess outside would probably require a proper shower.

Wet, rinsed and feeling better, I walked whistling and naked across my apartment to bedroom, toweling off my hair.

*tap*tap* “Hello?”

“JEEZUZ!” My feet actually left the ground as I spun to the noise and shape silhouetted on my balcony. I did a half-dance, half-crouch and all-over naked body spasm. My towel flew away. I dove after it and fumbled it back up, trying to wrap it around myself.

“WHAT the HELL?” I panted and squinted at Rachel as she bit her lower lip and did a sympathetic body twitch.

“Sorry, oh gawd, sorry…urr…when I slammed the balcony door shut, I locked myself out. I was…I hoped…I could get ahold of the building manager…”

“You climbed around and on to my balcony? Three storeys up?”

Rachel shot a glance over her shoulder at the partition and shrugged. “I wouldn’t have tried that if I hadn’t had gymnastic classes every Saturday for most of my childhood.”

My heart rate slowed and I collapsed into a chair, elbows on knees, face in hands. “Come in, come in. You’re out of luck, though. Leslie Ann and Kyle just left for the weekend. The backup for emergencies yenidoğan escort can take hours.”

“Oh. Could I stay here until my roommate gets home?”

White Knight Neighbour, at your service. I didn’t feel too chivalrous, but managed to rouse my good manners anyway. “Yeah, sure. Make yourself at home.”

“Sorry again for startling you.” the brunette apologized as she tiptoed towards a chair, probably afraid of giving me a third heart attack. “Thanks so much.”

I fell back into my chair, and tried a diplomatic, bygones-be-bygones smile. My eyes, no longer dazzled by sunshine, snapped wider. My inner heat at the woman flipped from anger to abrupt interest.

Through the winter, Rachel’s face had been my only point of contact. If not for those jade green eyes, she would, to be blunt, have a standard sort of face. Chin could be a shade stronger, cheeks a little less chubby and black hair a bit thicker. But, hey, I’m not being superior. That could be said about my face.

Her body, now…her body came as a sweet surprise. Thick flannels and fleeces had been replaced by a faded red muscle shirt. The surfer printed on the front had some major problems keeping his balance on the jiggling bouncing swells under him. No bra restrained those fabulous breasts nor controlled some very erect nipples. The surfer would have to duck not to brain himself on that protrusion.

The short shorts also had a casual, worn many times look as they clung to hips wide and rolling. The swooping length of Rachel’s body told me she had kept up those gymnastic classes, and likely done a fair amount of surfing herself.

Rachel’s hands fluttered up and around her body before settling down on her shoulders, crossing her arms protectively over her breasts. Then she jerkily put her hands back down, and placed them on her hips, freeing up the view. I climbed out of my daze and tried to remember where her face was. I looked up to see her blushing and not quite meeting my eyes. I followed her point of interest and snapped my legs shut. Hey, I don’t wear my kilt often enough to have reflexes that kept that view discreet. And this towel would only count as a “mini-kilt”.

I snapped my legs closed and pulled the white terrycloth down, trying to hide my boner with the same success Rachel had had hiding her chest.

“Sorry”…we both started and stopped. Rachel looked around and gnawed her lower lip. “Sorry, but I really didn’t expect to be out of the apartment today. And you didn’t expect to have company walk in from the balcony.”

“At least you legally have clothes on. Let me go grab some for myself.” I came out the chair, using both hands to try and keep the towel in place, cock bouncing underneath like a puppy. I’ve never mastered the mysteries of a secure towel tuck.

“Umm…” Rachel hissed between her teeth and clenched her eyes shut. In a rush of words, she blurted, “You really don’t have to on my account.” She opened one eye to study me.

Before I could ask, or hope, what the hell she meant by that, a dull thud and muffled squeal came through the wall. Rachel snapped around to look in that direction, her black ponytail thwapping me in the face. Me, I was done jumping today. But, if this level of screaming, banging and shouting went on, someone was going to call the cops.

“Stevie! The bee!” Rachel gasped and skipped to my apartment door, bouncing like she was smuggling water balloons. “She’s not supposed to be home until lunch!” You’d think a pack of rabid wolverines threatened her roommate, the way Rachel flung the door open and dashed into the hall. I could hear her knocking and calling Stevie’s name.

I stood there a moment, consulting with myself. The normal plan would be to continue with my plan of swapping towel for some clothes and then go, as a good neighbour, to help the ladies with their monster insect problem. But a part of me, the part flexing under the towel, couldn’t dismiss what Rachel had just said. I fancied Opportunity to be crooking a finger at me and flashing a saucy wink.

This literally took a moment. Towel gripped tight, I padded barefoot out into the hallway after Rachel and worked up some breathless concern.

“Has she answered?”

“No.” Rachel frowned and compressed her lips. She rapped the door with her knuckles again. “Stevie! It’s Rachel!”

The door whipped open and a hyperventilating Stevie rushed out and bounced into Rachel. Rachel’s warm contours collided into me and I stumbled back, keeping hold of the towel, but losing my wrap-a-round arrangement. Bare ass hanging out, I tried to rewrap as Stevie slammed the door shut against that pack of wolverines.

?”Rachel!” Stevie’s hands gripped her taller roomie’s arms in a tight grip. “There’s a giant bee orbiting the living room! It’s huge! I knocked a lamp over swatting at the thing. Why is there a naked man with a towel behind you?” Stevie’s babble shifted focus. Her head leaned around Rachel and her dark brown eyes looked yenimahalle escort me up and down. I smiled, and continued carefully rewrapping.

“Oh. You’re…Mack. Our neighbour.” She let go of Rachel.

“Zach.” Rachel corrected for me. “It’s all my fault he’s only in a towel. And it’s my fault there’s a bee in there. I was hiding out in Zach’s place.”

“To which I am now returning. You ladies are welcome to join me, seeings how you’re homeless at the moment.” I led the way back.

Inside, I turned and found them dawdling a few paces back, Rachel fiercely whispering down into Stevie’s ear. The whispering stopped when I met their eyes. “Come in, come in. Close the door please. Have a seat.”

I leaned back against my desk (I use the “living room” as my studio-office space) and crossed my arms over my chest. I could feel the towel losing traction against my skin, millimeter by millimeter. Happy little exhibitionist that I am, being nearly nude in front of two strangers kept my cock frisky and curious. Each bob of my quasi-boner shifted the towel another bit.

Rachel’s ample chest rose in time to her rapid breathing. Stevie’s dark chocolate skin didn’t give me any cues about her blushing or flushing, but her tongue flicking across her full lips did. Like Rachel, Stevie had only been a sharply defined face above layers of fleece all winter. Unlike Rachel’s “lounging rags”, her clothes were street legal, and not nearly so revealing. Even so, the tight jeans and rose silk blouse showed a trim little body with some deadly racing curves.

“So…” Their eyes came up to meet mine as I spoke. “Rachel was just arranging asylum while she waited for you, Stevie. But now that you’re both here, what do you want to do?” I smiled, recrossed my ankles, resettling my butt on the desk. The towel went a little further. The tension lit up the naughty circuits of my nervous system. Would the flow of the conversation require me to grab the towel and retie it, or…not? That nervous tension went straight out to the tip of my penis and sparked a hopeful bounce.

The women exchanged looks. Rachel jerked a nod and smiled. Stevie licked her lips and nodded back. They both looked at me. There was no hiding the flaming red colouring of Rachel’s face, but her voice came out steady as she straightened her back and thrust her breasts out. I suspected she might be channeling skills from teaching a class of freshmen.

“We came to this frosty hell of a city five months ago to be part of a research project at the university. An amazing post-doc grant to work in the agricultural department under doctor…” Stevie reached over and touched Rachel’s arm. “…which doesn’t matter at all. We’ve been working like chain-gangers in the cold and dark, trying to get eight months of science done in five. Work, eat, work, sleep, work…and more work. And we did not only succeeded, we did it with a week to spare.”

?Rachel’s teeth clenched in a savage grin and she made a fist, which she then bumped with Stevie.

“Congratulations!” I meant it.

“Thank you.” Rachel paused, blinking and looking for her trend of thought.

?Stevie took up the tale. “After sleeping for three solid days, we came out of our holes to see sunshine and Spring. First time we’ve felt human all year. Blood-pumping, warm toes, warm nose, finally, actually, alive human.. Alive, human and goddamn horny.”

Rachel’s blush surged, but the gleam in her eye glittered like light off a knife. “We don’t want to tap anyone at the university, since we hope to work with them again. There’s no one waiting at home we can count on for an immediate solution to this problem. So, we’ve developed a scenario that sounds terribly weird and kinky. There’s a good chance it will be too weird and you’ll freak out. However, since we’re leaving in a few days and probably never see you again, we’re going to chance it.” She stopped for a heartbeat. “We both find you cute and sexy as hell. Would you have sex with both of us?”

I gave a crooked grin. I stood up on my feet, lifting my butt off the desk. The towel recognized its cue perfectly and dropped to the floor. My cock throbbed on sassy display. “It would be my distinct pleasure.”

I’d never had two scientists drool over my meat before. Apparently it met operational parameters for the developed scenario. My cock is pretty much average in length, but it’s a fat bugger. It’s been my great delight to discover many women prefer width to length.

?The women blinked, breathing through open mouths, their hands fluttering without resting anywhere long. I stepped closer. And closer. Stevie pulled back in her seat as I crowded closer. I kept on. She couldn’t retreat any further as my crotch and hard-on came up right to her face. She swallowed. She flicked her eyes to glance at Rachel and then back at the pulsing penis swaying in front of her. She went to lick her lips yet again and I eased the necessary fraction forward. Instead of her lips, the tip of her tongue went across the tip of my raging purple cock head. She gasped. I moved another fraction and now she had the purple plum in her hot mouth. Stevie and I moaned at the same time. Her last minute doubts crumbled before my eyes. She clamped her lips tight around my cock, and sucked, her cheeks hollowing and her tongue slurping away.

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