67th Back to School! How Emma Influenced Me


Back at University I was happy to see Jennifer again and she made me glad she wanted to see me again. The first evening when we could be alone, we went out to a cafe and had Tea and chatted just enjoying each others company. We went for a walk after and found a nice deep doorway, where we could kiss and jill one another, ending up rubbing our clits together and enjoying the sensations as a result.I couldn’t help comparing her to Emma, except for Emma and I jilling one another on her piano stool, all our love making had been lying down. Emma had always taken the initiative to begin our lovemaking sessions, and then coax me into doing the same to her. Although she was much older and a much bigger woman that Jennifer, in many ways I preferred her love making.Derek hadn’t changed much, said he was glad to see me and asked how my holiday went, and couldn’t wait to get his cock into me. His shagging seemed to be different for some reason, and although I still enjoyed the feeling of his cock going in and out of me I couldn’t climax. Whether it was because he didn’t take the time to prepare me with foreplay, or I’d lost interest I’m not sure. He was still a nice date in many ways, so I were still quite happy to date him.I wrote Emma as soon as I got back, thanking her for making my holiday much more pleasant. I admitted to enjoying her loving me. Soon I received one from her, telling me how much she loved me and how both ‘Robbie and Soosie’ missed me. I smiled to myself and had warm feelings, it reminded me of how she had introduced her ‘Robbie’ into our love making. She also reminded me to tell her in my letters about my relationships with Derek, emphasising “all the little details.” Emma came down to visit me around the end of February. I made the excuse to my friends that my ‘Aunt’ was coming to visit, and I think we were both bahis siteleri ripe for some good loving. She arrived in her car on the Friday evening, and booked a room in one of the better hotels in the city. We arranged to meet the next morning in the restaurant to have breakfast, then after we went up to her room. (There was a problem in those days being seen going to someones room late a night, so for her neice to be seen going up to my ‘Aunts’ room’ was not so bad).Within minutes we were both naked and tasting each others honey, she was very randy as we sucked and fucked each other, our pussy’s dripping wet from the excitement. We did it all, oral, finger fucking and she gave me a good strap-on fucking. The orgasms poured out of both of us and it made me realise how much I’d missed her, it was relentless till after a couple of hours we both rested and took a nap.After passing the afternoon together we took a bath, then got dressed and she took me out to a really nice restaurant for dinner, where we took our time dining and washed it down with a nice wine. After around 10 PM she drove me to where I was staying, (couldn’t spend the night with her as that would have caused too many questions). Sunday morning I hurried to her hotel and again we met for breakfast, then returned to her room for more sex till around I PM when she had to check out.Afterwards, we took a drive out of the city up into the highlands for most of the afternoon. She asked me how I’d feel about her coming down to visit more often, she said she would find a place where we could spend the nights together. I said I’d like that, and agreed we’d have to be very careful, she was still very concerned about ‘discretion’ and that was to be expected. As this was the edge of the highlands known as the ‘Trossachs’, there were a few places that catered to visitors. canlı bahis siteleri There was one place that was like a very rustic row of cabins that catered to tourists, very much like the modern Motels although I don’t remember it being called a Motel.About a month before the school year ended I found a job as a waitress, part time at first then full time once school was over so stayed in Glasgow. Both Derek and Jennifer Graduated and we promised to write and keep in touch with each other, Derek I never heard from again, and Jennifer’s letters petered out after a few weeks. I was soon dating again, and the shagging wasn’t as much fun as it had been. I was writing to Emma regularly and telling her more and more about the more personal side of my life. She seemed to be so understanding, and she said she would come and visit me once her school year was over.  Emma’s letters to me were now getting bolder as she liked to remind me of our ‘sexcapades’ in them, and continually asking me for the details of my dates. I found in writing to her it was easier to say things I would have difficulty saying to her face, and in a small way it gave me a thrill to be able to do that too.In her letters she also began telling me about her ‘dreams’, where in her dreams it was always me who took the initiative and started the sex. Beginning at first by rubbing her through her clothes, then exposing her paps for me to please myself with them. Thrn pulling down or taking off her bloomers to get at her pussy, forcing her to kiss me and to pleasure me however I wanted it. She made it sound like in her dreams she didn’t have much choice but to comply, as I could make her do whatever I wanted. This was the beginning me being introduced to her ‘kinky’ or perverted interests.Usually in her dreams it would begin with me attacking her from canlı bahis behind, like when she was bent over for some reason making the bed or whatever. and I would grab her hips and press my torso into her bum, and rub myself against her before pulling up her skirt to fondle her through her bloomers. She gave the details how my hand would take hold of her vulva from behind, give it a squeeze before I’d caress it with my fingers. I’d rub my hand over it from her belly, over her clit pressing the material of her bloomers into her crevice and up the crack of her arse. I would repeat this rubbing her till she had her cum, before pulling them down to give me access to her bare pussy then ‘do’ her again.In her dreams she would struggle and cry out as I ‘forced’ my attentions on her, and admitting to letting me have my way with her excited her too. Of course this was nonsense, as I was much too introverted to do anything like that to her. It had always been her who would do those things to me, then insisting I do to her whatever she did to me.There were other scenarios too, like I would take hold of her ankles and hold her legs up in the air for her as I would ‘make’ her give herself a rub. Then again through her bloomers at first, and on to exposing herself till she had two or three cums then I’d let them down. Another was similar where she’d hold her legs behind her knees to pull them back against her breasts, and it would be me rubbing her pussy this time. She would describe exactly what she was wearing, where we were and what we were doing as well as the sex part.Sometimes I would be rough with her she said, other times gentle as a lamb and we would make beautiful love together. In time I would visualise myself doing what she suggested in her letters, and often after reading them would actually fantasise I could do what she suggested. The thought would excite me and I would masturbate, reliving in my mind what was in her letters.Needless to say I never thought what she suggested would ever happen, but in a way I was convincing myself I could actually do it.

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